Hairstyles of Kylie Jenner they are perfect for women with hair super long

In the world of beauty there are great alternatives for all tastes and manes, sample of this are the hairstyles that has brought the famous entrepreneur Kylie Jenner and that are ideal for the hair that is very long, so if you got it this way and you are looking for different options, these can … Read more

Salma Hayek is regarded as one of the women most rich and powerful

Salma Hayek, 53 years old, today woke up to the news that he is considered as one of the richest women in the Uk, place where resides currently, because according to a middle Englishyour fortune amounts to more than 184 billion pesos. According to what was published ‘The Sunday Times’, the veracruzana has accumulated large … Read more

Salma Hayek supports the national strike convened by the mexican women

The Day of the Woman Worker it was a cry in the demonstrations of the streets, but also in the social networks where artists, models, singers and actresses raised his voice for the equalityan act who joined the mexican actress Salma Hayek, who on Monday, 9 march 2020 joins the national strike of women in … Read more

Rihannazine: the meeting of 43 women huge thanks to Rihanna | Fashion | Entertainment

Guayaquil – Rihanna, a woman of multiple talents. One of them, in addition to his musical ear, an exquisite taste for dress and a mind for strategic business, and the ability to recognize in others traits that become characters worthy of appreciate. And this is precisely the exercise that, along with the american magazine iD … Read more

Karol G arouses the envy of men and women to the side of Rihanna: “Divas”

City of Mexico.- The talented singer of reggaetn, Karol Gat the posing at the side of the pop singer, Rihanna, has attracted the envy both men and women, among all its millions of followers Instagram. Karol festej the 15 years of the debut of the interpreter Umbrellasharing a black and white photo in which they … Read more

Salma Hayek, among the ten richest women in the world

Salma Hayek, among the ten richest women in the world – News Snail /entertainment/salma-hayek-among-the-ten-women-more-rich-the-world-nid229419 /entertainment/salma-hayek-among-the-ten-women-more-rich-the-world-nid229419 /entertainment/salma-hayek-among-the-ten-women-more-rich-the-world-nid229419 /entertainment/salma-hayek-among-the-ten-women-more-rich-the-world-nid229419 X /entertainment/salma-hayek-among-the-ten-women-more-rich-the-world-nid229419

Salma Hayek sends powerful message against violence to women

By means of a video share in your account of Instagram, the mexican actress expressed its support to the women who suffer violence of any kind while they are at home to protect yourself from coronavirus by sending a powerful message. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa: free Download the digital journal of may (click on the image) “We retired … Read more

Rihanna is one of the women with the greatest fortune and proof that believing in yourself can lead you to success

Recently, Rihanna was named one of the people with the greatest fortune in the Uksince its value is estimated at 468 million pounds, according to information from the Sunday Times, who published the list of ‘The richest people in 2020’. Rihanna has managed to build an empire while maintaining their individuality The greater part of … Read more

Salma Hayek is considered one of the richest women in the world

The years of successful career in Hollywood and his new facet as an entrepreneur have given Salma Hayek a place among the richest women in the United Kingdom, where he lives, so he reviewed the portal The Sunday Times. The actress, 55 years of age, has accumulated a fortune that exceeds 8 billion dollars. This … Read more