Ariana Grande sent a message to the women of her family by Instagram

This may 10, during the feast of “Da Moms”, Ariana Grande I shared a message dedicated to the women of her family. And sparked sweetness in its millions of fans. The musical star I shared a post on their stories of Instagram, the account @jameelajamilofficial, where salt a few meaningful words for people who do … Read more

What do the ten women most beautiful world in the home?

The first is Bella Hadid, who according to the study has 94.35% of perfection on his face. Follows Beyoncé with 92.44%, while in third place Amber Heard with 91.85%then we continue to: Ariana Grande (91.81%), Taylor Swift (91.64%), Kate Moss (91.05%), Scarlett Johansson (90.91%), Natalie Portman (90.51%), Katy Perry (90.08%) and in last place, Cara … Read more

Netflix and the UN launch campaign to make visible the work of women in cinema

Various women of the film world took part in the curation of the 55 best titles of the streaming service under the slogan “As she saw it, (Because She Watched, in English)”. The collaboration is made by and to showcase the work of actors, directors and producers. Among the artists who were part of the … Read more

Women who spend money as if they were the daughters of Kylie Jenner, according to the signs

Women who spend money as if they were the daughters of Kylie Jenner, according to the signs | Photo Pexels There are women that is not that they are poorly appreciated, even with themselves, because as soon as I reached the half disappeared, is not that they equal, is that they will as water. Once … Read more

In a powerful message to the women of the world, Angelina Jolie revealed that two of his daughters underwent surgeries

Angelina Jolie revealed in a moving letter published in the recognized magazine Time that two of their daughters have been operated from various ailments in recent months. A personal confession with which he wanted to put his granite of sand to celebrate the International day of Womenr, since according to Jolie, this has been a … Read more

Kate Beckinsale says that things in Hollywood are complicated for women, but also for Ben Affleck

Many actresses of the industry have some story about the fact that they are asked to adelgacen, or perform certain physical change for a role, in particular. Apparently, Kate Beckinsale it is not an exception. In a recent interview with Healththe star admitted that yes he saw a positive side in your step “Pearl Harbor” … Read more