Gracia Querejeta (‘Invisible’): “Many women are going to feel identified, but also many men”

What happens to women once they have met the 50? That is what raises Gracia Querejeta in his new movie. The director of works as a ‘crime Wave’ or ‘Siete mesas de billar francés’ returns to the big screen with ‘Invisible’, a story of three friends: Elsa, Julia and Amelia. Each one is very different … Read more

‘Women Make Film’, a master class of women filmmakers that will surprise even the most moviegoers

‘Women Make Film’, a documentary series directed by filmmaker Mark Cousins, is a master class film with women as sole protagonists. The director has done an exceptional analysis of the history of the cinema by selecting more than one thousand fragments of films made by women. The result: a documentary series of 14 hours in … Read more

The Harsh teaches the stretch marks from your body with a protest message for women

The cuban Dilimane Jouve, partner of the reguetonero cubano Jacob Forevernot only has leveraged its success in Instagram to model and promote clothing and products, but also to create a space dedicated to its female audience that supports and promotes the real beauty. The Hard, as it is popularly known in the environment of cuba, … Read more

The trailer for the film produced by Angelina Jolie for the day against violence against women

Produced by Angelina Jolie on the occasion of the international day against violence against women today, 25. november is coming in the cinemas in Germany (although it is distributed all over the world, the 17. november 2017 and is available on Netflix) of the animated film The stories of way from the town. The story … Read more

TOP 7 questions to the gynecologist, on which women are afraid to ask the doctor

Each girl visits the gynecologist annually to check your health. But even in the doctor’s office, many are hesitant to ask questions that plagued them for years. In this article we will give answers to them. Whether the child is similar to the first sexual partner? Is it possible to shave the hair in the … Read more