“Game of Thrones”: the moving words with which Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner are dismissed from their characters

For any of the two the way was easy: Emilia Clarke suffered two aneurysms and lost his father in 2016. Sophie Turner went through a depression that led her to thoughts of suicide (Picture: HBO) Daenerys Targaryen no longer will shout “Dracarys”. There will be No reunions or deslealtades. Not forged alliances, nor is tejerán … Read more

Kim Kardashian: “I’ve Always tried to find the words to express my indignation”

The famous socialite, Kim Kardashian, who is characterized by spearhead entertainment media for its media family or your eccentric tastes, this opportunity became a trend for other causes. As is the knowledge of some followers of the celebrity, the daughter of Kris Jenner, is studying to be a lawyer and has been in charge of … Read more

Beautiful words from Demi Lovato to Miley Cyrus

November 29, 2016 Famous cry tragedy of Chapecoense Maluma, J Balvin, and Ricardo Montaner expressed his regret in networks… 01:35 June 14, 2019 Taxi hits hill after mechanical failure The accident occurred on the Bridge in Guadalupe, in the direction of… February 27, 2019 Tigers announces dates and times for the Quarterfinals of the Concachampions … Read more

Words of Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes melt networks

Words of Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes melt networks | To enter After their great performance together, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes and interpret your success, ‘Miss’ which surprised everyone present at the American Music Awards, 2019, and the one who made creditors to the award as “Best Collaboration”, the cuban dedicated to him a tender … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: Millie Bobby Brown says goodbye with these beautiful words of her friend Sadie Sink – News series

Both actresses have become very good friend over the last few years. The recording of season 3, Stranger Things has recently been completed and, after so long, the young actors have seen their relationship strengthened more and more. In particular, Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink, are two cast members that see the end of … Read more

The romantic words with which Hailey Baldwin is celebrating the first anniversary of her engagement with Justin Bieber

Already a year has passed since Hailey Baldwin accepted to marry with Justin Bieber a few weeks after having resumed their romance. Since then, they have had to deal with rumors of break-up, after fatherhood, or with the temporary withdrawal of the music of the teen idol after that she confess to suffer from mental … Read more

Demi Lovato sends you some beautiful words to Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato dedicated a beautiful message to Miley Cyrus, to give him the award “Webby Awards”, which was awarded by the show that you created through Instagram to help your followers “Braight Minded” to survive the quarantine. The International academy of Digital Arts and Sciences since 1997 recognises the best content in the internet in … Read more