World of Warcraft Hotfix and Balancing Announced: Details

World of Warcraft – The third round of the Shadowlands pre-patch hotfix begins, with the Blizzard developers implementing many interventions for the classes and various other game content. The devs have for example fixed a large number of problems recorded by the barber, including the fact that Worgen players were unable to save changes for their human forms and a bug that did not allow … Read more

WoW, new hotfixes online: mechagnomes and barber among the affected contents

WoW, Barber – A massive new hotfix patch has just been released by the developers of World of Warcraft. In fact, between 14 and 15 October, the Blizzard devs showed a full list of interventions that served to solve as many problems and bugs caused by the new contents of the Shadowlands pre-patch. Let’s start talking about the fact that now … Read more

Ghostcrawler will return to WoW after 6 years

Ghostcrawler – The Shadowlands expansion has certainly intrigued and (perhaps) conquered many former World of Warcraft players (also several within our editorial team), who has on several occasions announced their upcoming return to the famous Blizzard game. We recently discovered that among these there is also the famous Ghostcrawler, a former member of Blizzard and historical “face” of the development team with … Read more

Classic raid against BFA raids in a new WoW Machinima

Raid Classic – The player and user of You Tube Captain Grimm has recently made a splendid and hilarious video dedicated to all lovers of World of Warcraft raids. In particular, in this new WoW Machinima video (a cinematic made by a fan in which the game’s models are used) he compares the main features of the WoW Classic raids with those that instead are staged … Read more

Metzen has no doubts: “Henry Cavill would be perfect for Arthas”

Cavill Arthas – For several weeks now the hype has returned to blow strongly towards the cinematic adaptation of the famous Blizzard video game World of Warcraft. Thanks to a leak published online, it was in fact discovered that World of Warcraft could soon return to cinemas all over the world with a new film, probably a reboot of the saga … Read more

WoW Shadowlands: news and official update of October

WoW, Shadowlands – The developers of World of Warcraft have published a series of interesting news within the Beta of Shadowlands, also going to signal the point of development and the main updates coming from the test server. Through a post on the forum, the devs have for example reported that The Maw will be updated, with the intention of giving … Read more

Shadowlands postponed to the end of the year: DDOS attack against Blizzard

With a new announcement posted on Twitter, the developers of World of Warcraft have signaled the postponement of the publication of the Shadowlands expansion, which will no longer happen by the end of this month. The players were waiting for the release for the next 27 of October, and it seems there have been many who have decided to … Read more

5 curiosities about Widowmaker today

After seeing the 5 Tracer facts, now it’s up to Widowmaker, the Overwatch sniper! As many will know, the woman was kidnapped by the terrorist organization Talon for brainwashing, with the aim of killing her husband Gérard. After this action, his skin turned bluish and his heart was inhibited by any sentimental warmth. But is that really all there for this … Read more

WoW Shadowlands, latest updates on Loot and Bonus Roll

With the next expansion of World of Warcraft, important updates will be applied concerning both the issue of loot and bonus roll. As reported by the devs in fact, with the arrival of the new Shadowlands the internal system of rewards obtained from killing the bosses will be balanced, also because with the upcoming expansion there will no longer … Read more