Worlds 2020: the G2 fly to the semifinals thanks to a dry 3-0

The  G2 Esports make the world understand that Europe has not arrived at the Worlds in 2020 to act as a sparring partner. The net 3-0 gained against  Gen.G is a test of strength, even if the opponent proved softer than expected. Now it gets really tough for them, as they will have to face the huge  Damwon Gaming, LCK champions. Europe and G2 Esports … Read more

Worlds 2020: TES beat Fnatic and go to the semifinals

Europe’s first match in the quarter-finals of the  2020 Worlds did not smile at our region. The Fnatic, after two solid victories, gave way to the  TES who took the victory home. Rekkles and teammates gave everything they had, but after the first defeat, they broke mentally. In the draft stages, too many comfort picks were granted to the Chinese, especially  Karsa became … Read more

Worlds 2020: the Suning remove the pass for the semifinal

The second quarter-final of the  2020 Worlds gave the first upset of the competition. The very young and very talented  Suning have destroyed  JD Gaming, overturning the result obtained during the LPL playoffs. The defeat was painful for the runners-up of the Chinese league, who never really entered the game (except in the first game). Bin and his companions confirm their disarming growth after the … Read more

Worlds 2020: Damwon Gaming advance to the semifinals

The quarter-finals of the 2020 Worlds have officially begun today. In the first match, Damwon Gaming and  DRX took the field in an all-Korean derby. In the end, as already happened in the LCK final, it was  Nuguri and his teammates who won their opponents with a sharp 3-0. In every game of the series, there has never been a match, with  DragonX never managing to handle the … Read more

Worlds 2020: Top Esports still dominant in Group D

The return day of group D definitively closes the group stage of the  Worlds 2020. The  Top Esports, champion of the  LPL, they qualified as the first seed, after putting down and dominated the poor dragons. FlyQuest and  Unicorns Of Love greet the competition, with the Americans taking away at least the satisfaction of having snatched TES a victory. The  UOLs, on the other hand, close with … Read more

Worlds 2020: Fnatic qualify but as a second seed

After an interesting day full of emotions, the uncertain fate of group C of the  2020 Worlds also comes to an end. The  Fnatic have shown extraordinary performances, but unfortunately, they are wrapped in the direct confrontation with the  Gen.G for the first place. The  LGD Gaming and  TSM leave the competition, with the North American samples that close with a sad 0-6. The strange … Read more

Worlds 2020: Rogue eliminated and relegated to fourth place

Today the adventure of group B of the Worlds 2020 ended. Damwon Gaming and  JD Gaming go through, respectively, as the first and second seed. Unfortunately, the Rogues return home, and even on the last day, they are not able to take away any satisfaction, contenting themselves with a bitter fourth place. PSG Talon surprises positively as they overturn the results of … Read more

Worlds 2020: JD Gaming massacre the Rogues

Another heavy defeat arrives for the  Rogues on the third day of the  Worlds 2020. All-time favorites  JD Gaming have found their best form, and have demolished the European boys. The  G2 Esports continue to win taking the lead in Group A with a score of 2-0. The game played by  Flyquest and  Unicorns Of Love, which gave us a lot of action, but also an infinite sequence … Read more

Worlds 2020: first defeats for Rogue and Fnatic

On the second day of the  2020 Worlds, the first difficulties for the European teams emerged. Rogue and  Fnatic have lost their games, only the  G2 bring home a useful result. In group A, Team Liquid disappointed that they fail to overwhelm the  Machi Esports (authors of a beautiful performance), while  Gen.  G prey on the lone head of group C. The second day of the Worlds 2020 … Read more

Worlds 2020: good first for Europe

The first day of the World’s 2020 group stage was favorable to the European teams. Fnatic and  Rogue found two major wins in their respective groups, beating  TSM  and  PSG Talon. The surprise of the day is certainly the boys of the Polish team, able to dominate an opponent who could put them in difficulty. We have also seen the great performances of  Top Esports,  Damwon … Read more