The nude Jennifer Aniston that could be worth thousands of dollars –

The protagonist of ‘Friends’ announced that a portrait of him is part of the selection of 25 pictures that Mark Seliger auction to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus. “My dear friend Mark Seliger partnered with the foundation RAD and Christie’s to auction off 25 portraits -including one of mine -“ announced Jennifer … Read more

Henry Cavill, in addition to being Superman, and a Witcher, you have other talents that are worth it

Oddly enough, Henry Cavill is considered to be one of the actors with the worst luck in Hollywood. Your physique has been stigmatized as just a pretty face, denying it for a long time its possibility to exploit to the maximum his skills as actor. Netflix However, is an actor and very committed to his … Read more

¡Holy god! Greeicy Rendón could not with both and not wanting this did Not gave worth!

Greeicy Rendón revolutionized the networks for the post this image that he put to fly the imagination of many of his followers. It became viral! Don’t let of looking at it! May 11, 2020 · 00:09 hs Without a doubt, Greeicy Rendón it has become in recent times one of the colombian artists more important, … Read more

With short mini and nothing more! Jennifer Lopez is exposed in that place it was Not worth it!

Jennifer Lopez once more push the boundaries of Instagram and without penalty, poses in front of the cameras wearing only a short mini How would you react Alex to see it?. Look at the photo! May 11, 2020 · 00:32 pm No matter the way that Jennifer Lopez better known as Jlo pose in front … Read more

We deny reimbursement to a man who bought $ 10,000 worth of toilet paper

The owner of a supermarket denied recently a refund to a man in Australia that bought around $ 10,000 worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. John-Paul Drake, director of Drakes Supermarkets in Australia, recently released a video in YouTube and appeared in a radio program to talk about the situation and why he refused … Read more

– 13 series from Netflix and HBO that is well worth seeing for its incredible costume

There are a lot of series (and movies) in that fashion it becomes a character more. Costumes that not only embrace the plot, but are essential for us to understand what happens. We speak not only of the classic as well as Gossip Girl, Friends or the wonderful Mad Men we did enjoy while we … Read more