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Gears 5: The Development Team AIMS to Export, a Close Partnership With PGL

Gears 5 ESPORT

The developer of the Gears of War series, The Coalition, will work with the tournament organizer PGL to start the 2019-20 export season for Gears 5. The export of Gears 5 will present a lot of initiatives this year: a Pro League, amateur tournaments, international Major- style championships and World Championships that will end the competitive season. The 2019-20 season …

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Fortnite Fortbyte 28: Solving the Puzzle Outside a Landfill in the Desert

New day, new Fortbyte hidden to be found on the island of Fortnite Royal Battle (Season 9). In this mini-guide we show you how to get the Fortbyte # 28 accessible by solving the puzzle outside a landfill in the desert. After having shown you how to get the Fortbyte # 5 accessible …

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Football Is Once Again the Protagonist of the Fortnite Store Update

Fortnite Football

The football season has just definitively ended with the conclusion of America’s Cup and with the victory of the United States in the women’s world championships, and it is already time for transfers, pre-season retreats and more. And football is also the protagonist in Fortnite, in today ‘s store update. Many skins are on sale today, such as …

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Fortnite: Where to Find the Fortbyte 34 Between the Fork and the Knife

Our hunt for Fortbyte continues on Fortnite Island Royal Battle (Season 9). In this mini-guide, we show you the exact location of the Fortbyte # 34 located between the fork and the knife. After having explained to you how to get the Fortbyte # 37 which is located in the basement of a Bunker in …

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Fortnite 9.30 V3: All the Novelties of Royal Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode


The new Fortnite 9.30 v3 update has finally arrived, now available for download on all platforms. This Minor Update introduces Air Attack for Real Battle and Double Strike for World Save, as well as many new features for Creative Mode. Air Attack Throw it for help from above! Time Mode Rotation High Potential Explosives (Teams) …

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Fortnite: New Exclusive PlayStation Content Confirmed for Europe as Well


Yesterday afternoon the Japanese PlayStation account has unveiled new exclusive Fortnite content for PS4, now comes the confirmation that the contents in question will also arrive in Europe. Specifically, from July 24, Sony Interactive Entertainment will make available three console bundles and accessories dedicated to Fortnite, below all the details: Fortnite Neo Versa …

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Gearbox Has Announced a New Mode for Borderlands 3

Borderlands Game of the year

Since the announcement of Borderlands 3, it has been clear that the Gearbox game will keep the same soul as the previous chapters, despite the arrival of some news. There are in fact new features of the game, as well as obviously new equipment, settings, and missions, and now we also discover a new way. This …

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CD Projekt Red AIMS to Move Players with Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Has a Release Date, There Is Also Keanu Reeves in the New Trailer

“Aren’t you crying?” “No, I got a bruschetta in my eye”. CD Projekt RED aims to make us brush up on a famous quote from Elio and the Stories Tese with Cyberpunk 2077, given that the intentions of the developers are to make his players move. The lead this designer Pawel Sasko in fact, fortunately, …

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Lots of New Covers in the Fortnite Store Update

Fortnite Store Update

The new week on Fortnite starts as usual with the new store update, which today brings with it mainly many new covers, as well as some new skins. Let’s see in detail what it is. In fact, you can change the look of your weapons and vehicles by using the covers , and today you can find …

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Fortnite: Cattus vs Doggus Event Countdown Leaked

Cattus vs Doggus Event

As we have told you, it has been a few days that something seemed to be happening in Fortnite. The usual data miners had indeed found in the game files images and references to a giant robot called Doggus. The fans immediately thought of an eventual nemesis of Cattus, the creature that appeared in recent weeks …

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