Olivia Munn ensures that Bryan Singer disappeared to half of filming ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Olivia Munn ensures that in its day was considered very strange behavior from the director of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Bryan Singer, so your participation in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was a surprise. Singer, whose problematic way of working has been exposed in the wake of charges of sexual assault that saw the light of the hand movement #MeToo, … Read more

Iron Man created the X-Men with the snap of the gauntlet of infinity | Marvel | Thanos | Movies and series

The Movie universe of Marvel is prepared to receive the mutants in the next few years and the fans know it. After the box office premiere of Avengers: Endgame, various conjectures have been published on social networks about their future; one of these has to do with the birth of the X-Men and The Fantastic … Read more

Marvel: Keanu Reeves appears as Wolverine in Intagram through a fan art | Disney | X-Men | Movies and series

There are many doubts about who could be again Wolverine after his farewell in Logan. The character that she played Hugh Jackman seems to have many candidates in a row. And it is sure that one of the mutants favorite X-Men could not interpret any actor. It is as well as the names of Oscar … Read more

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The movie universe of Marvel is continuing to grow and introduce new stories. After phase 4, it is believed that the franchise will introduce to the famous X-Men. A dream of the fans that finally would become reality. One of the most iconic characters of these mutants would be Wolverine, who was portrayed by Hugh … Read more

The reboot of X-Men was to use an Avenger to introduce them to the MCU

Although Marvel has said repeatedly that the mutants did not arrive in the MCU, until a more advanced stage, what is true is that figuring out the way to begin to incorporate these characters into their universe, and everything indicates that a powerful Avenger will be in charge of welcoming you, as Captain Marvel would … Read more

This is how Jack Black would be to characterize Wolverine from X-Men

Sooner or later, the mutants will be introduced to the Movie universe of Marvel. When people like Cyclops, Jean Gray and Wolverine come to the big screen in the franchise’s biggest Hollywoodthe actors playing those characters will assume the role of a lifetime. There has been much speculation about who might play with each and … Read more

Sophie Turner would give life to Jean Grey in X-Men Will there be new movie?

Sophie Turner would give life to Jean Grey in X-Men Will there be new movie? Sophie Turner has not left that the little success of X-Men: Dark Phoenixthe fell out of love of the character Jean Greyand , therefore, is prepared to interpret it again in any movie future of the franchise X-Men. Sophie Turner … Read more