‘Suicide squad’: director of ‘Birds of Prey’ support to David Yesterday: “I Know that pain”

This is going to end up premiering the director’s cut of the ‘League of Justice’ Zack Snyder, David Ayer is not to in social media with its campaign so that we can see your version of ‘Suicide Squad’, a movie he filmed as a drama and that ended up becoming comedy. The film was a … Read more

David Yesterday I wanted to that Suicide Squad will begin with the arch of the June Moon and Enchantress

Without a doubt, the 2020 is becoming a year too much of a surprise. While a pandemic has altered what we knew as “normal” and the cinematic experience has been completely transferred to households, and Zack Snyder got what seemed impossible: HBO MAX released in 2021 the Snyder Cut League of Justice – 41%. In … Read more

David Yesterday about the possible release of their cut of Suicide Squad: “it’s Just not my decision or my intellectual property”

The “Snyder Cut” Justice League is every day closer to seeing the light of day, but what will happen with the “Yesterday’s Cut” Suicide Squad? That’s what some fans of the film centered on the Task Force X have been asked since it was announced that the version of Justice League Zack Snyder will HBO … Read more