Yotuel send a powerful message to the government of Cuba and calling for the closure of the borders by the coronavirus

The cuban singer Yotuel Romero has launched a hard-hitting message directed at the government of Cuba in which requests and requires the closure of the borders of the island to prevent the spread of coronavirus among the citizens of the country. The member of the grouping Orishas uploaded a video to your profile’s official Instagram … Read more

The beautiful greeting of Beatriz Luengo to Yotuel for Father’s Day in Spain

Spain and many other european countries follow the catholic tradition of celebrating the day of Saint Joseph, the putative father of Jesus, and celebrate today, march 19 is Father’s Day, a date that each year the social networks were flooded with messages dedicated to all those men who have lived the experience of creating life. … Read more

Yotuel makes tostones with your family during the quarantine by coronavirus

The cuban singer Yotuel Romero has decided to put music and cuban flavor to the quarantine that lives in Spain due to the pandemic coronavirus. The rapper and his wife, the singer Beatriz Luengo, ‘ve been broadcasting live while he cooks some delicious fried plantains and she sings some of the most popular songs that … Read more