an actor 22 years younger than her

Actress Kate Beckinsale, known especially for her role as Selene in the saga Underworldfinished in 2015, its relationship with the filmmaker Len Wiseman after more than a decade of marriage. Now, at 43 years of age, the interpreter has recovered the illusion of the hand of a new and young companion. Kate has been photographed … Read more

The tender greeting of Kylie Jenner to Jazmyn, the younger sister of Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

The small received an unexpected and exciting congratulations on your 11 springs Within the world of the show, as on any other hand, the bonds of friendship of a famous person to another usually also extend to the families of the same, and this time Kylie Jenner took care of repeating it. With a brief … Read more

Meet Jazmyn, the younger sister of Justin Bieber also looking for the fame

In the past ten years the singer Justin Bieber has established itself as one of the largest fenmenos youth on a global scale, with millions of views on the digital platforms, dozens of awards and recognitions that validate your perseverance and your talent. But apparently, the guy is not the only one in your family … Read more

Justin Bieber is an example for his younger brother Jaxon Bieber

LOS ANGELES (united States).- “What is learned in the family will never forget! Justin Bieber is transmitting their skills BMX, also known as a motocross bike, to his younger brother, Jaxon Bieber. The Grammy winner posted pictures of their day of union, and revealed that he is teaching the little how to do BMX, with … Read more

The unknown and successful career of the younger sister of Jennifer Lpez. The talent is family!

When successful women are speaking, Jennifer Lpez it is one of the artists that can not miss in this list, because with your discipline, dedicacin talent and knew how to conquer the film industry and the music alike. In the same way, apparently, the singer it is not the only person openly recognized in his … Read more

The younger brother of Justin Bieber could follow in the footsteps of singer

The younger brother of Justin Bieber could follow in the footsteps of the singer/Photo: Salta 4400 Now with the quarantine, the canadian singer Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber have been locked in their housing in Canada, but it seems that the couple has not been alone all this time, as Justin shared … Read more