Advantage that you’re at home and take care of your body

Editor’s note: Mari Rodriguez Ichaso has been a collaborator of the magazine’s Vanities, for more than two decades. Specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment. Film production company. Columnist Style of CNN in Spanish. (CNN Spanish) — Nothing is clear. We don’t know if that normalcy was so little valued come back, if … Read more

Natalia Barulch upload ms your outfit and… you’re not going to believe this! You anims to see it?

In this ocasin, the ex-girlfriend of Maluma I shared with her more than 2.7 thousand million followers in Instagram three images of great impact. Natalia Barulch always surprises their fans with new publications through your social media networks, where he steals thousands of sighs, when overflowing beauty and simpata. Related News Without a doubt, this … Read more

REALLY? Kendall Jenner let her see his hobby secret, and now that you’re going to freak out…

That the celebrities have more simple life in quarantine already know, but you know what makes Kendall Jenner with so much free time? Something that many of you also, I don’t but several of you do. I play video games! The muse of the catwalks showed in a story of Instagram that is a fan … Read more

Anitta gives the list of operations (and you’re not going to believe how many you have)

April 02, 2020 (21:07 CET) Anitta being one of the big “winners” on social networks during this pandemic coronavirus covid-19 because of its naturalness and the help it is providing to the entrepreneurs who need it most. The brazilian singer is showing as it is and it is captivating to many people, although there are … Read more

Chepa Candela: The divorce of Osmariel Villalobos now if you’re going! | In Gossip

Photo: Courtesy Chepa Candela ¡¡¡FeeeliIIzzz Tuesday my beautiful people!!! Are you ready for the ration chismográfica today?… Well I also! As usual, in hunting, fishing and gathering of gossip that have entertained readers since four decades ago (what a fluff! It is easy to say, but what goes oh!)… And just as gossiping is, short … Read more

Johnny Depp: Lawsuit against Amber Heard will not be rejected You’re going to trial!

Johnny Depp: Lawsuit against Amber Heard will not be rejected You’re going to trial! Johnny Depp be able to proceed with his libel claim against Amber Heard after that the judge in the case refused to dismiss the complaint upon the request of the legal team of the actress. The ongoing legal battle between Johnny … Read more

This is what leads Kim Kardashian under clothes! (and you’re going to hallucinate)

March 25, 2020 (12:40 CET) Within a few years (if it is not already being done) sure that in many universities in the conducted studies related to the marketing and the business will consider the figure of Kim Kardashian. In fact, of all the clan Kardashian. And is that, as you well know that some … Read more

What to see in Disney’s+ if you’re a fan passionate about the House of the Mouse

After many months of waiting, Disney+ finally lands in Spain. The streaming platform of the House of Mouse comes loaded with hundreds of movies and series of its major brands, in addition to several originals that are specially designed for the service. Because with this new format, Disney seeks mainly to ensure a new window … Read more