Target implements new rules for self-checkout at its businesses

Popular American retail chain Target will be implementing some changes to payment methods.

The main variations are on top of the self-payment system, which will only allow up to 10 items to be invoiced per purchase.

The truth is that not only Target has implemented measures of this nature. Walmart or Costco are examples of chains that have made important decisions about scanning machines.

All this, as a result of thefts in the store, will cause Target to change its self-checkout system to a more limited system as well. That is, customers will make their payment at the cash register if they do not comply with established limits.

Therefore, the retail giant announced that it would launch “Express Self Checkout” after testing the concept in about 200 stores.

What will the experience be like?

Target recognized that implementing a self-checkout system has made the shopping process in its stores more streamlined. However, the new “express self-payment” will have some conditions once it is installed in about 2,000 establishments.

As the company said in a statement, this change will improve efficiency and customer experience. Additionally, as part of the revisions, Target reported that more employee-employed cashiers will be installed. This is because the main reason for limiting the number of products in self-checkout is to speed up the purchasing process.

Let’s remember that many retailers have invested in the implementation of self-payment systems since the pandemic. His goal at that time was to stop the virus from spreading.

However, many studies like LendingTree proved that 15% of the users of this system stole products.

Similarly, another analysis from Drexel University reported that most consumers prefer to pay at human-controlled cash registers.

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