Taste and good atmosphere at El Limón restaurant in Humacao

“El Limón is El Limón because of its pastries.” With more than 45 years of experience, convinced of the recipe that promotes the success of her business, Michelle Rosario Santana celebrates the growth and perseverance of the establishment located in the Punta Santiago sector.

And, El Limon Restaurant, which is also part of the Humacao Gastronomic Route, has become a mandatory stop when visiting this city.

In addition to pastries, the culinary concept specializes in seafood salads and preparations with seafood.

Michelle Rosario Santana, Owner.
Michelle Rosario Santana, Owner. (Isabel Ferre Sadurni)

“Since it is the coast, people come after seafood. We have prawn pastries, chapin, octopus, mixed, steak, beef and chicken. But number one is shrimp cakes. Even if they order a main course, they always order their pastry before they eat,” Rosario Santana said. “We are also number one in seafood-filled arepas; We prepare them with octopus, shrimp, carrucho and mixed shrimp,’ highlights the businessman, who has owned the business since 2016. Similarly, at El Limón you will find octopus, shrimp and lobster filled with carrucho, as well as chilos filled with char. Sea food.

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