Team Queso and CASE Esports qualify for the final of the Spanish VCL

The end of the VALORANT Challengers Spanish will have the best possible finalists. Team Queso and CASE Esports have sealed their qualification to the final of the national competition after beating the semifinals of the playoffs. Queso surpassed the first ‘semi’ by winning 3-1 over UCAM Tokiers, while CASE did the same in the second with the same result against Falcons. Both teams will fight for the title of national champion in the Municipal Theater of Torrevieja, Alicante.

Both semifinals developed with many similarities. Team Queso started the confrontation against UCAM Tokiers giving up the initial Icebox (9-13), but quickly recovered to come back from the match. Queso shone in the matchup at Haven (13-1) and Ascent (13-5), where UCAM was only able to rack up a total of six rounds. The Murcian team was close to forcing a tie on the fourth map, Pearl. However, TQ had a great second half from the defending side to make it 3-1.

On the other hand, CASE Esports only gave up the tie on the second map. The organization of Casemiro, a Manchester United player, shone at the initial Lotus (13-6) but later fell at Ascent (9-13). While it is true that CASE achieved victory, Falcons gave war as they forced practically all possible rounds in both Split (13-11) and Icebox (14-12). The current national champion won the ticket to Torrevieja after closing extra time with a resounding 2-0. Bartosz Bernacki «UNFAKE» and Vladyslav Shvets «kilos» arrive as respective MVPs of the semifinals.

the best ending possible

The results of Team Queso and CASE Esports so far in the playoffs only reflect the trend experienced throughout the entire season. Queso and CASE are the first two classified in the regular phase with records of 14-4 and 13-5 respectively. Regarding the direct confrontation, both clubs have the opportunity to force the tiebreaker. In the first round, TQ took the game 7-13, while in the second round it was Casemiro’s organization that won 8-13. In the case of CASE, winning would mean the second consecutive national title, while Queso would have a new trophy in its cabinets.

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