Ten years have passed since Faker’s debut in League of Legends

by Nicholas “Naiko“Bahl for The Den of Evil / [email protected]

Few players have known how to belong to a scene as competitive as that of League of Legends, and not only stay at the top of it, but also be the visible face of the game. When we talk about Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok we are not only talking about a professional player of League of Legends for more than a decade, but also from someone who managed to reinvent the game. A young promise loomed under the banner of SK Telecom 1 around the year 2013, and it is to this day that the love for the club that gave him everything remains intact.

Here is a brief summary of his debut:

At only 26 years old, the Korean-born player holds several world records for League of Legends, and if we get a little more specific, he is also the one who has played the most finals throughout his career. The one called by his fans “Immortal Demon King” boasts a profit of approximately more than a million and a half dollars thanks to his career as a professional player. Although it is more than obvious that we are facing an enlightened within the competition, the individual and collective effort put into these athletes , has as a consequence a seedbed of eminences that goes out to conquer the world every time they turn on a computer.

With two Mid-Season Invitational and three Worlds Championshipone in the year of his debut, it is indisputable that we are talking about the best player of League of Legends of history. This has not only resulted in different plays that have been branded in the minds of the fans, but it has inspired several generations of players to improve and surpass themselves. Enough has been said about the retirement of this legend and our hearts ache a little for that, but we have no doubt that from wherever he decides to accompany, League of Legends it’s going to continue to be one of the best esports ever.

From this humble space we want to congratulate and thank such a player, who has not only given us iconic moments throughout the last decade, but who has encouraged entire regions to dedicate themselves to this wonderful field that is electronic sports.

And how could it be otherwise, we leave with a summary of the best plays of our beloved Demon King.

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