Terror, “tryhardeo” and a hotel room: the perfect plan for a Friday on Twitch

Yesterday was a very special day for the horror video game lovers (and for those of us who, like me, prefer to see our trusted streamer play it and have all that tension come to us “filtered”, for the sake of our cardiovascular health). We were all looking forward to the release of the remake of the highly acclaimed Dead Space. Would there be a major improvement over the original or would it be a simple facelift? Resounding success or bittersweet experience like with The Callisto Protocol, its “spiritual successor”? This and more was what Twitch offered us yesterday.


To steady your nerves (and to kill time until Dead Space is released at 5:00 p.m.) alexelcapo He started his stream by playing Persona 4 Golden. But once the time came, he donned his spacesuit, grabbed his plasma cutter, and began exploring the USG Ishimura. Fear? Not much, Alex is already tanned. Enjoyment? Well, reading between the lines, I think he liked it.


Another one who also has a lot of street in games of this type (the Devil knows more for being old than for being a devil) is Knecro. She moved decisively through the dark corridors, eliminating necromorphs and showing no trace of nervousness. Big, crazy!


With Auron we change gender and we go to a game that no specialized magazine would classify as survival horrorbut which can be unbelievably terrifying as it hits admins: Extreme Minecraft! The man from Badalona dedicated his last day in this series until the semifinals on February 4 to prepare for the final stretch: he fine-tuned his equipment, forged alliances and practiced PVP.

Abby & Mayichi

Away from the game of the day and the series of the moment, we have two streamers who do what they want when they want. On the one hand Abby, our beloved littleangergirl, continued one more day reaping victories and “rageos” in Valorant. Secondly mayichi continued the adventures of Nathan Drake and company in Uncharted 3, keeping his smile even under fire.


Finally, we crossed the pond and talked about TheGrefg, who did his first live show from Mexican lands, setting up an improvised but quality setup in his hotel room. And unless you’ve spent the last few months in a cave, you know what he’s doing there: the ESLAND Awards. It is known, it is felt and the club is impatient.

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