Tesla, trembling with new fear of Elon Musk, will step down as director, Sam Altman-style

Musk’s stake in Tesla has fallen and the tycoon wants to gain control of the company. (Reuters/Brian Snyder)

Elon Musk I want to increase my control Tesla At a time when there is growing fear among the CEO of Tesla that he may be removed from his post by the board of directors of the electric vehicle manufacturer, as happened. Sam Altman In OpenAIthe company is making chatgpt,

Musk is currently the owner 12% of shares of this company, but this participation does not ensure an immovable position as a leader.

And in an effort to strengthen his position, he has proposed increasing his compensation package to gain access to a number of shares that would allow him to approximately 25% of voting and with it, greater security in their managerial role.

Musk is uncomfortable trying to make Tesla a leader in AI and robotics without at least 25% voting control. (Reuters/Florence Low)

musk He has expressed concern about the possibility of being replaced if he does not have a “comfortable majority” in the vote.

At the same time, he warned that this increase in their voting control is not an economic issue, but a necessary measure and implies a vote of confidence to continue promoting progress. artificial intelligence and system auto-pilot of their vehicles.

“I feel uncomfortable making Tesla a leader in artificial intelligence and robotics without 25% voting control. Enough to be impressive, but not so much that they can’t overthrow me. Until that happens, I would prefer to make products outside of Tesla. What you don’t understand is that Tesla is not one startup, but a dozen startups,” the tycoon said on his social networks.

Musk has been the hero of sharp controversies in recent weeks. (Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes)

In recent weeks, the controversies Musk has been involved in have affected his leadership. An example is the case against The alleged firing of several employees who criticized SpaceX, or the flight of advertisers on X for anti-Semitic comments.

Social network that investors connect with fidelity to truth has reduced its valuation to 12.54 billion dollarsThis figure is significantly less than Musk was paid a year ago.

This includes the controversy that arose after a report by The Wall Street Journal, which cast a shadow over Musk’s explosive behavior, his unfiltered speech and his provocative “jokes”, warning that it may be the product of a. drug abuse Like LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms or marijuana.

Elon Musk leads big companies like Tesla, X and SpaceX. (EFE/EPA/Angelo Carconi)

One argument shareholders argue for not giving Musk more power within the company is that he is the man who concentrates the greatest wealth in the world. starts getting distractedEspecially with the latest progress made by its space company and the development of new X banking facilities planned for 2024

Musk justifies that all his initiatives are interconnected under a single vision and that on several occasions, personnel from one unit have collaborated on projects from another unit.

Tesla drivers in Chicago are coping with the effects of the cold on their batteries. (Nam Y Huh/AP)

owning to Tesla Experiencing problems charging them in the United States electric vehicles due to this extremely low temperatures Due to which the autonomy of the batteries has been halved.

During this charging station With long queues and extended waiting times being recorded for cargo, the situation is particularly serious. Evergreen ParkIllinois, where cars have been left immobile.

In fact, cold events have prompted locals to refer to these places as “Tesla Graveyard”,

The problems have become even more acute since last weekend when temperatures reached -23 degrees Celsius, causing some drivers like Brandon Welborn to wait more than five hours for their cars to charge, even though the process usually takes 45 degrees Celsius. It takes minutes.

Given concerns about the feasibility of electric vehicles in adverse climates, the company led Elon Musk It is recommended to maintain battery charge Use the “Preconditioning” button to optimize the recharging process above 20% and in cold conditions.

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