Thanks to this invention, iPhone will correct a big mistake in photography

Although the iPhone has a camera system that has evolved a lot in recent years, this does not mean that it cannot fail at specific times. Due to the type of optics and flash system technology, there are times when, when an image is taken with a flash, a defect is produced in the image that causes red eyes in those who are visible. Now Apple has managed to register a patent in which they have promised to eliminate it. We tell you!

This particular news media has been patently Apple which has echoed the registered document. The patent is titled “Image Capture Systems Utilizing Adjustable Illumination.” When red eye occurs in photographs, it is caused by light projected by the flash system.

Until now, all iPhone cameras have featured the inclusion of a constant flash light system, which if directly hits the human eye, causes a red-eye effect. But what if we play with Flash to optimize it? In many cases lighting is important to achieve optimal results. And this is where they can intervene to fix the fault.

Apple’s new system to remove redness of eyes

In the images of the document that they shared, a new layout of the Flash system is seen. Now we will get a phone that will have a complete flash module, composed of the light source itself and a Depth sensor.

Regarding the construction of the camera module, we have the same layout as the iPhone Pro models: an island with three lenses, but with flash light and depth sensor.

But why would this last sensor be necessary? The depth sensor of the flash module will tell the iPhone what distance and position we are from the person we want to photograph.

especially, Will focus on the position of the person’s face and eyes, This way, once the device knows how far away it is from the subject, it will adapt the flash light so that it is able to capture the scene (and the person), but not too much flash later on. Without emitting. As a result the eyes eventually become red.

iPhone from back

Overall, the flash system will be able to determine not only depth, but the entire area of ​​the person’s eye that falls within the light field surrounding the image. like this, By identifying the light around the eye, the person’s position and depth, a set of instructions will be created that will be translated into a dynamic flash light.Which will change depending on the environmental conditions when the photo is taken with the phone.

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