The 10 most played titles of the week on Xbox Game Pass

We are about to end the month of January and in the last seven days there has finally been movement in terms of Xbox Game Pass entries and exits. Once the curtain closed on the event Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Directthe team responsible for Microsoft’s subscription service took out the artillery by announcing almost a dozen new games.

While they arrive and we enjoy them, the time has come to take a look at the TOP 10 of the most played titles of the past week on Xbox Game Pass, a list that is very useful for us to measure the most popular content in the catalog and where sometimes we find very pleasant surprises.

The 10 most played titles of the week on Xbox Game Pass 45

TOP 10 most played this week on Xbox Game Pass

This has been the TOP 10 most popular games of the last 7 days in the Microsoft service:

  2. Monster Hunter Rise
  3. Minecraft
  4. force horizon 5
  5. Rainbow Six: Siege – Deluxe Edition
  6. FIFA 22 (Xbox One)
  7. FIFA 22 (XboxSeries)
  8. Force Horizon 4
  9. Halo Infinite
  10. Halo Infinite (Campaign)

It had to be like this. It was to be expected that the irruption of Hi-Fi RUSH and its overwhelming success would take Tango Gameworks’ game to preside over the podium and wipe High on Life off the map after several weeks leading it. And it is that the musical hack and slash has known how to penetrate the public with its casual proposal full of action, music and color.

Good old Chai and his guitar are followed by Monster Hunter Rise. CAPCOM’s success drops from number 1 to which it rose meteorically last week but remains in second position, showing that there was a lot of desire to go out on monster hunts.

And the omnipresent Minecraft triumvirate completes the triumvirate, a regular on this list that knows how to always stay at the top and withstand the onslaught of any new entry, thanks to its infinite game proposal and continuous events. No one lowers it from the header at the moment.

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