The 6 best foods for good brain function according to Harvard

A good nutrition It is directly related to physical and mental health. But the reality is that there are certain essential products For good functioning of the brain. know 6 best foods for the brain And all the recommendations of expert chefs and psychiatrists, Uma Naidu.

Harvard nutritionist psychiatrist’s recommendation

Uma Naidu is a “triple threat” Expert in the world of food, nutrition and medicine. Disciplines that are usually interconnected because of the purpose of each branch physical, emotional and mental well-being Of human.

Harvard food expertHarvard food expert

Harvard food expert

Photo: Uma Naidu is one of the few gastronomes with expertise in psychology and nutrition. A more global approach to the problem of food.

Naidu is Harvard University Psychiatrist, professional chef and an expert nutrition, It is through this multidisciplinary action that they found a valuable and under-explored niche Nutritional psychiatry.

The book has been written by Dr. Naidu “How does food affect your brain”, An essential guide to solve problems and disorders related to feeding, One of the things they discovered is Relevance which has power The functioning of our brain.

brain and gut are connected

brain and gut are connectedbrain and gut are connected

brain and gut are connected

Photo: Food is very relevant to mental health because the brain and gut are connected / Activia

The argument that mental health is closely related to gut health Direct connection between brain and gut. thanks to nerve endings enteric nervous system and central nervous system, which are connected, Information is collected that takes everything to the brain.

this much is certain chemical substances present in food may affect neuroinflammation, which leads to most Mental Disorders.

best foods for brainbest foods for brain

best foods for brain

Photo: Foods that Protect the Gut and Stimulate the Brain/Pixabay

This could be neuroinflammation triggering psychiatric disorders, Such as major depression or generalized anxiety. So which is inflammation of the intestine are linked till The food we have, can do want straight to us mood and impacts The health of our brain.

For this reason, Dr. Naidu invites Avoid foods that cause inflammation in the intestines Such as: refined sugar, industrial oils, products containing nitrites and processed meats. On the other hand, he also believes to protect your brainIt is necessary to consume foods that containContribute to brain development And inflammation in the intestines.

learn about something Foods Recommended by Uma NaiduExpert in Nutrition Psychology Harvard,

6 essential foods to keep the brain active

fermented foods

food for the brainfood for the brain

food for the brain

Photo: Yogurt helps the intestines to function properly/ Pixabay

Yogurt, Kimchi, Kombucha, etc. They are some of the most recommended fermented foods. They are a source of live bacteria that promote proper intestinal function. This improves memory and reduces cognitive decline.

bitter chocolate

Chocolate to fight depressionChocolate to fight depression

Chocolate to fight depression

Photo: Chocolate helps preserve neuronal connections/ Pixabay

It is a great source of iron and protects neurons, helps synthesize chemical elements in the stomach and affects mood due to antioxidants.


foods against depression foods against depression

foods against depression

Photo: Helps fight and reduce depression/ Pixabay

They contain high amounts of magnesium and there are studies that show that they help reduce depression, as it is linked to the deficiency of this component.

green leafy vegetables

iron rich food iron rich food

iron rich food

Photo: Large amounts of iron, flavonoids and carotenoids/ Pixabay

They contain large amounts of vitamin E, flavonoids and carotenoids, nutrients that are known to protect the brain from any kind of cognitive decline. Spinach, chard and dandelion are a great source of folic acid.


brain foodsbrain foods

brain foods

Photo: Many spices contain antioxidants, reduce inflammation in the stomach and help make good connections with the brain/ Pixabay

With great antioxidant properties, certain spices like turmeric help reduce anxiety, as they alter brain chemistry and protect the hippocampus. Others, such as saffron, have significant effects in reducing major depression.


memory foodsmemory foods

memory foods

Photo: Beyond the importance of walnuts in improving memory, they reduce stomach inflammation and help in adequate intestinal health/ Pixabay

In addition to containing many antioxidants, walnuts have anti-inflammatory properties. Beyond their recognition as an ideal food for improving memory, they are great allies in reducing abdominal bloating. Naidu recommends consuming 15 to 20 seeds a day.

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