The alleged plagiarism of some skins of the Revolution Case

Last Friday February 10 CS:GO had new skins thanks to the launch of Revolution Casethe last box that has arrived at the shooter 219 days later. This new update left in the title a sticker capsule, a new music kit and the expected Revolution Case with 17 skins that have been liked by a large part of the community due to their originality. However, this latest release has been controversial due to the presumed plagiarism in some of the aspects that make up this box. The social networks of the artists burn and one of those involved defends himself.

The skins that presumably have copied details would be the M4A4 | Temukau and AWP | Doodle Lore created by f0rnez and Jimmba respectively. Danidemthe artist with the most stickers published in CS:GO that we already interviewed in ESPM News, has compiled some of the evidence demonstrating more than significant similarities. The Spaniard highlighted the same features of some aspects of the CS:GO already existing with weapons that were not selected from Temukau for the Revolution Case. In this comparison, it can be seen how the similarities between the faces are more than remarkable. For his part, Twinz3D highlights the resemblance of the M4A4 published with another template.

The f0rnez himself has highlighted that he has not copied anything to elaborate these aspects, but that obviously he has collected inspiration from different skins, something that is habitual and even necessary to follow the «lore» of the shooter. Nevertheless, the artist has published how he already had all these details drawn with his own hand.

The Doodle Lore of the Revolution Case also in controversy

The rifle was not the only weapon that had problems, as the AWP It also has details, to say the least, suspicious. The flowers, ears and horns that adorn the sniper dragon are exactly the same as the dragon previously created by Vexx. While the whole community celebrates the arrival of the Revolution Casethe great artists of the workshops show their anger after knowing all these similarities.

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