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In ContraGolpe we were talking about one of the most loved (and hated at times) companies Blizzard; founding fathers of sagas like Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch.

Blizzard was founded in 1991 by Silicon & Synaps by three people with a budget of $30,000.

At first they just ported games from one device to another like Battle Chess or a Lord of the Rings game.

The first games to be made were Rock and Rolla Racing and The Lost Vikings; puzzle title with platform mechanics.

It would be with the inclusion of other members that the team was looking to make a fighting game similar to Street Fighter but with DC characters. And at first not everything went smoothly for the developer with games like Justice League Task Force and The Death & Return of Superman.

Success would come in 1994 with the arrival of real-time strategy games (RTS) and its flagship title Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. Everything actually came up with the idea of ​​making an adaptation of Warhammer but in the end they decided to create their own fantasy world.

In 1996 the study would revolutionize ARPGs with the arrival of Diablo and that would lay the foundations of many similar games up to the present day.

In 1998 the story would be similar with Warfract, Blizzard wanted to make a game that honored the Star Wars saga and created StarCraft.

Their lonely worlds would become social with the World of Warcraft revolution; installing the MMORPG genre; a digital environment full of adventures and stories where people have even gotten married (in virtual real life).

He had other projects with more or less success. For example, he continues to appeal to many players for his Hearthstone card game and Overwatch shooter. But his MOBA Heroes of the Storm couldn’t compete with the successful League of Legends franchise.

Blizzard’s history was changing when it left with Activision (Call of Duty) and a few years ago after a huge purchase by Microft. And that still continues with conflicts for this acquisition.

The image of the company so beloved by fans also had its scandals with several complaints of abuse and inappropriate behavior of employees, private parties at Blizzcon (the convention that it holds every year), dismissals and resignations.

In June Diablo IV finally arrives, which this weekend is having an open beta so that PC and console players can enjoy it. The game, which was delayed for years due to the aforementioned issues, is the last game in development before Microsoft’s purchase and we’ll see how the franchises go from now on.

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