the CEO of Epic Games anticipates the return of battle royale to the Apple ecosystem

‘Fortnite’ will return this year to iOSas the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, hinted at through his Twitter. This is thanks to the new European Digital Market Law or DMA, which forces Apple to allow the entry of digital stores and third-party applications into its ecosystem.

Sweeney’s tweet was limited to saying during December 31: “Next year on iOS!”, sharing an image of celebration for the arrival of the new year.

Next year on iOS!

Despite everything, Apple would only be obliged to allow the entry of ‘Fortnite’ to digital stores per application in the European region. Similarly, it is not entirely clear how the Cupertino company will comply with all of the above, but iOS 17 is expected to be the letter with which they comply with the DMA.

epic vs. Manzana

Let’s remember that it was during 2020 that Epic Games, led by Tim Sweeney, raised his voice to “confront” Apple and your charging rates for third-party applications.

So right now, they tax all digital goods transactions at 30 percent, at least in many app categories. They could then decide to tax all purchases of physical goods at 30 percent or 15 percent or some percentage, and thus demand a percentage of all Amazon profits.

So far, they have only placed these restrictions on the apps and not on the blocked websites, but Apple, based on its antitrust theory, could block the websites. Apple could require that in order to regain access to your web browser, these websites have to pay Apple a percentage of their revenue based on Apple’s own stated theory and its own antitrust defense.

Since then, Apple banned ‘Fortnite’ from its app store and it was not possible to install the game on any iOS device, neither iPhone nor iPad. The only possible way to play this title was through Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia GeForce Now, from your browser version for those devices.

a losing battle

Despite everything, according to how he reports Bloomberg, in Apple Park do not seem to be very happy with the regulations of the DMAbecause it compromises the security of its users, something the company boasts of the most.

Apple is dedicating a large amount of resources to this initiative. It has not been a popular initiative within Apple, considering that the company has spent years denouncing the need for “sideloading”, the process of installing software without using the official App Store. In lobbying against new European legislation, Apple has argued that sideloading could introduce insecure apps to consumers’ devices and undermine privacy.

At the moment, Apple has not shared anything about it, but if what Sweeney says is fulfilled, this chain would be broken without ‘Fortnite’ on iOS. In spite of everything, it seems that what is marked by the WFD would enter into full force until 2024.

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