the copy of ‘Among Us’ becomes a phenomenon thanks to K-Pop

Currently there is a social strategy video game that is reaping enormous success in Steam, with a brilliant progression. Is about ‘Goose Goose Duck’, which is practically an ‘Among Us’, but with ducks and also free. It originally launched in 2021, but it has not been until now that it has been able to achieve impressive results on the listings of the platform of Valve.

The power of K-Pop

The title released by the Gaggle Fun studio in 2021 for PC and mobile has gone under the radar since its release until last November, since which it has experienced an explosive rise in popularity, probably due to the unusual collaboration of the K-Pop band BTS.

There is nothing that a celebrity cannot fix and in this case, the celebrity in question was Kim Tae Hyungknown as “V”, one of the members of the South Korean group, who was shown playing ‘Goose Goose Duck’ when it failed to exceed 5,000 concurrent players since its premiere.

It is more popular than the original game

The result? The game could not exceed 5,000 concurrent players since its release, but since the end of December until now it has accumulated more than 200,000 concurrent players on Valve’s platform, with peaks of 600,000 concurrent userswhich breaks the maximum record of ‘Among Us’ itself.

We are counting the data of the game on computers, without taking into account the figures of the operations through mobile phones, since only for Android it has been downloaded more than a million times.

In ‘Goose Goose Duck’ the group must find the identity of a saboteur while completing objectives that allow you to advance in the experience.

The premise basically shoots the ‘Among Us’ formula, but the differential fact here is that, playing from your account Weverse (a kind of Korean Patreon), you can pay to interact with the musician and streamer tae hyungwhich has ended up attracting a huge mass of players to the format.

The explosion of popularity of the “new” game has also caused the title to accumulate more than 8 million views, figures that leave no doubt.

Just a few days ago, on January 5 of this year (as reflected by SteamDB), it reached a peak of 563,677 concurrent players, which caused the developers to increase the servers to admit so many people at the same time.

For comparison, the peak of ‘Among Us’ it was reached two years ago, when it accumulated 447,476 concurrent players. Although it can be taken as a temporary explosion, we cannot rule out that the geese may even end up wresting the throne from the busy astronauts.

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