The Councilor for Works reveals the novelties of the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Alcázar de San Juan

The Councilor for Municipal Works, Javier Ortega, today visited the work in Plaza de España with the goal of getting closer and checking the progress of two of the classic protagonists that have captured attention since their return: the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Belly. During the appointment, the architect Eduardo Mor has accompanied the councilor, a meeting that Ortega has taken advantage of to reveal some details about the news that will surround these two illustrious people from Cervantes.

One of the main objectives pursued with the statues, inaugurated in 1971 and which have had to undergo a slight restoration, is their almost total integration with the square: “A concrete slab will unify the platform of the two statues, and it will be lined with the same material as the floor of the square, giving an integrated image at a new reasonable height of 20 centimeters”, Ortega pointed out, specifying that previously these statues were located 60 centimeters above the ground.

In the same way, the Councilor for Municipal Works wanted to emphasize the importance that Eduardo Mor, one of the architects of the project, has placed on making sure that the integration of the sculptures by Marino Amaya with the square does not impair the safety of passers-by: “On his recommendation, we will place a base near the statues to eliminate the danger of people being hit”, he indicated, showing himself to be very grateful to Mor for his involvement in this work.

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