The Creative 2.0 revolutionizes Fortnite

Fortnite is reborn once again with the arrival of a unique and unprecedented creative mode in the world of gaming. This news has awakened the imagination of all lovers of battle royale and of non-lovers.

Since its launch in 2017, In these 6 years we have seen the different facets that the game has gone through and perhaps we are in the most brilliant stage of its history where it has broken with everything that is known up to now and that any player will be able to exploit to the best of their imagination.

Creative 2.0, a new experience in Fortnite

As we had been anticipating, Fortnite arrives with what they have called Creative 2.0. Perhaps at first it is a name that everyone can interpret in a different way, believing that there may be restrictions when it comes to dusting off their imagination and merely starting to create. But what if we told you that you can literally do whatever you want and the only limit is your imagination?

Much of the blame for this lies with the editor. Unreal Engine for Fortnite or UEFN as a tool through which you can model everything to your liking. In just a few days, the graphics engine has revolutionized the infinite possibilities that we can find ourselves in front of the old editor.

By looking for similes of what this new tool could be, there is no doubt that it is an alternative to what we can see in Minecraft, Roblox, Rust or even on the GTA Roleplay servers.

Content creators smile again

On the other hand, there is no doubt that players will have endless hours to spend in Fortnite, but the real winners in this scenario are the content creators.

During the presentation of Creativo 2.0 some recognizable faces such as TheGrefg either Rubius They have not missed the opportunity to give their opinion about this and (without serving as a precedent) both agree that there is no limit and that the possibilities are those that limit you.

As could not be expected otherwise, the fans have already begun to imagine the different series that they can be placing over the next few months. Some possible SquidCraft Games, some Saw Games or a roleplay server in the Epic Games game is an idea that we are all excited to think about.

Likewise, some of the development studies most closely linked to the most relevant series, such as Euphonia StudioThey have already begun to leave several brushstrokes and speak out about this.

“UEFN will evolve until it incorporates most of the Unreal Engine tools”

From the end of 2022, Fortnite was fine-tuning the title with Unreal Engine 5.1 which meant that systems such as Lumen were included, making global illumination an experience in terms of both reflections and shadows on the scene depending on the type of light that falls.

From the official website of Epic Games they have wanted to review that with the UEFN everything will be developed so that all the functions of the graphic engine are implemented: “Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) is a new application for PC that is used to design, develop and publish games and experiences directly in Fortnite. Over time, UEFN will evolve to incorporate most of the tools available in Unreal Engine” and adds: “Currently in public beta, UEFN opens the doors to a wide variety of games and experiences, ranging from highly stylized, flat-shaded team combat to ultra-realistic simulations.that you can play directly in the version of Fortnite that you already have installed.

Under the name of see each otherthe PC application will allow the UEFN to implement elements such as textures, animations or designs that will be integrated into the map through a series of commands: “UEFN offers the opportunity to use Verse for the first time, the new programming language. Verse is being designed as a new programming language for the metaverse, with future features that will allow content to scale into gigantic open worlds developed by millions of creators for billions of players.”

What can we see in Creative 2.0?

Spiderman, God Of War, Call of Duty, Mario Kart and a long list of situations and scenarios are already being released and the most creative artists are already sharing the codes of these maps.

For the most nostalgic and those who had a good time in 2017-2018, it remains to be said that some creators have already managed to replicate the original map to be able to return to what was the island of the battle royale in its origins.

Perhaps we could say that it is the time of the revival of Fortnite in a definitive way. without at the time with Mario Maker (1 and 2) a new experience was assumed in which to be able to make a huge jump to the game possibilities, with the UEFN this facet is further exploited and the game possibilities and content that can be consumed will only be stopped by the limits of the imagination. An outstanding success given the current situation of series and video games.

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