The creators of Fortnite will have to pay 245 million dollars to their players

Fortnite It continues to grow in terms of story and content. Since its release, the game has been the leader among the battle royale And despite the fact that the fever has been subsiding, Epic Games’ multiplayer bet continues to be very popular.

However, today the news is not so positive for the company. Three months after learning that Epic Games had been sentenced to pay a record fine for violating the rules for the protection of minors in Fortnite, we have already known the amount with which it will compensate the victims of another of its best-known controversies.


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The United States Federal Trade Commission accused Epic Games to use design tricks to tempt Fortnite players into making in-game purchases. Months after this accusation, the FTC has been sided with.

Fortnite’s counter-intuitive, inconsistent, and confusing button layouts led to players incurring unwanted charges based on

in pressing a single button, you can read in a press release from the FTC. The company also made it easy for kids to make purchases while playing Fortnite without requiring parental consent.

$245 million to Fortnite players

After hearing this complaint, the FTC has reported that Epic Games must pay $245 million in damages to compensate players. That is to say, that money will go to reimburse the affected players for the money from their purchases.

The order also prohibits Epic from charging consumers through the use of obscure patterns or from charging consumers without obtaining their affirmative consent.adds the statement. Additionally, the order prohibits Epic from blocking consumers’ access to their accounts for disputing unauthorized charges.

Without a doubt, this marks an important precedent in terms of player rights and points to the weight and importance of protecting users against titles that offer in-game purchases as accessible as Fortnite.

What do you think of this decision? Have you been affected by this controversy throughout the years in which the battle royale has been active?

And in case you haven’t been very attentive to the news of the game, here we leave you all the news of Fortnite Mega chapter 4 season 2: skins, free weekly cosmetic objects, map or new vehicles and mechanics.

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