The danger of using TLauncher to play Minecraft. These are the alternatives

Minecraft was born as an independent game by the hand of Markus Person, a Swedish developer better known as “Notch”. It all started in 2009, when Markus introduced Minecraft through videos of gameplay in Youtube.

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According to the web portal ‘Cash Converters’, Minecraft is a sandbox game.that is, it is a game in which you can play as you want and go where you want, exploring, building and advancing.

One of the main features of this game is the freedom that the player has to use mod, a type of software extension that modifies the original content of a video game. However, one of the most popular is considered to be putting your computer at risk.

According to the web portal ‘Softzone’, the mod allow users to experience Minecraft like never before. Thanks to them it can be played in all kinds of worlds, with different skins, and with different game experiences.

In order to easily manage mods, and not have problems switching between the original game or between one mod and another, it is necessary to have a launcher. This is in charge of saving the different Minecraft configurations and activating one or the other depending on the mode we want to play.

In addition, it allows you to have several versions of Minecraft at the same time for those add-ons, or mods, that only work on certain old versions.

Among the launchers (software) of this game that can be chosen, there is TLauncher, one of the most popular. However, apart from being the most popular, this Minecraft launcher hides a dark secret.

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TLauncher: know the damage it can do to your computer

According to the mentioned web portal, it is not something new that this launcher hides. malware. Security experts have spoken about it on social media, demonstrating how this seemingly harmless program is Dangerous for your safety.

Although you can download and install this software from their website without any problem, you will find that by scanning the computer with all the antivirus you want, none of them will give you a single warning.

However, Inside the “%appdata%” folder you may find two suspicious files: “Javaw” and “Skin+Cape TL4”. These files seem harmless. But, as time goes by, TLauncher deletes them and changes them to other versions.

These versions are usually normal and harmless, but in the end, they end up changing the files to modified versions that include spyware that begins to monitor user activity.

Because the spyware that TLauncher installs on computers is very advanced and has state-of-the-art persistence techniques, getting rid of it is very complicated, almost impossible. And the only solution for this is format the computer and reinstall Windows from scratch.

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Learn about an alternative to TLauncher with which you can play Minecraft

Is about MultiMCan alternative launcher for Minecraft, open source and free.

The ‘AndroidTR’ website mentions that it is a tool that allows you to open the Minecraft game on your computer. Among its special features, it allows you to have multiple instances of Minecraft, each with its own mods, resource packs, and saved games, plus you can easily manage them through the user interface.

Being open source, the chances of MultiMC hiding malware or downloading it remotely are more limitedTherefore, it is considered an alternative to consider.




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