The day Natanael Cano sang ‘La Gilbertona’ on the doorstep of his house in Tierra Blanca. Video

Singer of corridos tumbados singing on the doorstep of his house in Tierra Blanca. (Getty Images/Facebook)

Users on social networks remembered the iconic moment in which the famous Mexican regional artist Natanel Cano sings for La Gilbertona Especially at your doorstep.

La Gilbertona has been a popular figure for over a decade. This was both on social networks and around the state of Sinaloa. influential person She became known for the convenience of the Internet as well as for the ease of words and the grace with which she expressed them in her famous YouTube videos.

Gilberto Salomon Vazquez He passed away recently at the age of 88. Under the nickname ‘La Gilbertona’, a nickname by which she was known not only among Mexicans, but also among others abroad. So there came a gap in the world of celebrities who became famous and loved through the web.

The wreath signed by Ismael Zambada arrived at the La Gilbertona funeral services (Photo: TV Azteca Sinaloa)

His videos were very popular, especially the way he was so outspoken and the way he expressed his opinions on various topics with very “colorful” language which, far from seeming vulgar, was extremely funny.

Furthermore, Gilbertona became An example image for the LGBT community, His status as an older man, who was free to express himself, dress and create his own identity as he wished, sheltered many others in the community.

For all of the above, and many more, influential person Culiacan Sinaloa was well known and loved in her community. So much so that during his funeral they received bouquets of flowers named after the most famous drug trafficking cartel in Mexico.

Natanael Cano and Ruben Figueroa in their debut. (Capture: YouTube)

After her death, many memories related to La Gilbertona resurfaced on social networks. Even a very curious moment when the famous Corridos Tumbados singer, Natanel Cano, came to their door to give them a private recital.

When this episode occurred, Natanael Cano was not as famous as he is now. It was just beginning to appear in social media trends, but at a very local level in the capital of Sinaloa.

Natanael Cano and Ruben Figueroa in Tierra Blanca. (Capture: YouTube)

It was years later when Cano broke barriers and his music reached all the states of the Republic and even other countries in the world.

However, before he became a celebrity thanks to viral songs such as “Pacas de Biletes”, “Cuerno Azulado”, “Como es Arriba es Abajo”, he went to the doors of La Gilbertona. 177 Catedratico Street in the Tierra Blanca neighborhoodTo make him listen to some songs.

A video spread on social networks shows Natanael Cano on the façade of the famous Purple House of influential person, with Ruben Figueroa. Both of them sing some songs to La Gilbertona while she remains sitting next to her door, as she used to do repeatedly, as can be seen in many of her videos.

The singer of Corridos Tumbados meets the famous influencer Credit: SelenlevaOfficial (Youtube)

Both singers say in the video that they eventually meet the “famous Gilbertona” and are informed that Natanael Cano and Rubén Figueroa are both music celebrities who are becoming famous.

Users on social networks, of course, reacted to the video: “Well, you can see that Gilbertona knows about music,” “I was of that age today when I found out that Natanel Cano wrote Gilbertona. Sung for,” “Wow, Gilbertona.” I had a heavy click”, “Lucky Nata”, “He gave his blessings to my Nata”.

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