The doctor who guides the newbie MIR in the hospital

Isabel González Anglada, President of the Spanish Society of Specialized Health Training

A few minutes before the interview began, Isabel González Anglada, head internal medicine unit and Head of Studies Alcorcón Foundation University Hospital, Was looking for the best formula to readjust the calendar mir 2024 In view of the extension of dates in the awards and capture the square Of this call. Since assuming the presidency of Spanish Society of Specialized Health TrainingAlso try to take care of Iinterests of future experts And by those who will guide them along the way, such as teachers. With this, he hopes that after assuming charge, not only the current training model but also the quality of the health system in general will remain intact. new generations And doctors, like him, return to the hospital cyclically as do patients.

With the experience that comes from being responsible for ESF CompanyGonzález Anglada sees several points of improvement in the current educational system for specialists, such as manual updating or lack of processes Recognition of teaching units, as listed in this new installment of the Líderes Sanitarias podcast. Similarly, he believes it is important to train MIR tutors and establish benefits that reward the investment they make in their daily lives by acting as residents’ ‘godfathers’ and a reference model.

doing mire in the 90’s

She herself was a part of this model specific health training When he completed his internal medicine residency. So, according to the story, there were guards who were not spared, and pressure of care The “big hospitals” were too old, although he admits that he would choose this profession a thousand times over.

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