The Estral eagles continue to sweep the LLA

This Tuesday began the second week of competition in the Latin American League of League of Legends LLA, The day began with two of the best teams in Latin America, the current privileged ones to take the title the Tuki Eagles Estral Esports against the new Latino powerhouse Infinity esports. Given the changes made in the offseason, these teams are among the favorites to opt for the title of Champion of the Opening 2023 and the pass to Mid-Season Invitational 2023.

With the good start of the Latino Power we all thought that it would be the rival that could at least make us sweat. Estral. Nothing could be further from reality in both games The Eagles were superior from the initial whistle.

The first game was hunky-dory for the Eagles, Estral did not allow a single kill from the Infinity players, who barely dropped two towers in the entire game. After a process of 30 minutes of play, Estral had just sent a clear message.

For the second Infinity he took out of the top hat a known combo a Samira and Rell in the lower part but to no avail. Once again Estral looked much superior and dominated at will to take the 3 points this week.

The next game for the Eagles will be on Tuesday, February 7 against Rainbow 7 and Infinity will face All Knights next Wednesday.

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