The EU warns Microsoft in writing about the purchase of Activision

Microsoft and its adventure to buy Activision has already been a year old, since it was last January 2022 when it announced the acquisition agreement. What is considered the most expensive deal for the company and the video game industry has yet to close, due to opposition from the FTC and regulators. The company has not moved forward in this purchase agreement for a long time and the news that we bring is that the EU just sent to Microsoft his list of concerns about the deal to buy Activision Blizzard.

In mid-January 2022, Microsoft shocked the world by announcing that they were going to buy Activision Blizzard and King. If this deal went through, it would have some of the most successful video game studios in its possession. And it is that, they would become part of Microsoft sagas of games such as call of duty, Overwatch, Devil, WoW either Candy Crush. Microsoft planned to close the deal as soon as summer 2023 at the latest, but is in too much trouble to meet this date.

Microsoft receives a letter with EU concerns about Activision

Microsoft FTC EU Activision

The history of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is long and extensive, but we can summarize that to this day, the agreement is still standing and Microsoft has not managed to make changes. It continues to have enemies galore, where we would position the American FTC as the most problematic of all. This was the one that blocked the deal and made the desperate decision to sue the company to prevent the EU from negotiating with it. Not that Europe is really allied with Microsoft, but we do know that Europe was willing to have talks with the company about the deal.

Everything seemed to be going well and it could be an opportunity for Microsoft, but there is one player that we have ignored so far, Sony. And it is that, a few days ago, the PlayStation CEO stayed with the boss EU antitrust to talk about the Activision deal. We do not expect anything good from here and now we bring news, well Microsoft has received a letter from the EU. In this they have declared their concerns regarding the Activision Blizzard purchase agreement.

The deadline to make decisions is April 11

Activision Blizzard EU Microsoft

It was last Tuesday when Microsoft received the letter from the EU and although the content is not known of it, if we know that time is pressing. And it is that, the antitrust investigation against the software giant will end soon and a deadline has been set to make decisions, the next April 11. With this list of EU concerns, we can only wonder what it contains, since it may be that among them is a path to follow and that allows the purchase from Activision by Microsoft.

So that, the European Commission has not yet decided to block the acquisition of the company, although it does request a series of changes, conditions and solutions from Microsoft. In the event that these are not met, of course he will be in charge of prohibiting the agreement. Although for the purchase to finally be completed, Microsoft needs the approval from 16 jurisdictionsso this is still far from over.

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