The exercise that is becoming widespread in Spain to burn fat and gain strength after 50

Gyms have evolved a lot over the years, Just as technological progress has suddenly arrived in millions of traditional areas. Despite new workouts and machines for exercising the most unknown areas of the body, people consider the most common exercises that have been with us for centuries to be the most effective.

Although many of them involve small advances, like running and cycling on stationary machines, without the need to go outside to do so, they continue to provide other benefits. By doing the simplest thing in the world, like walking. An exercise that we are constantly doing, that does not require special equipment, we do it for free and (almost) anywhere.

Most people can maintain walking practice throughout their lives. However, in the era of crossfit and high-intensity cardio, walking have become An underappreciated way to play sports, Burn fat and build muscle. But they do it.

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In the six million years that humans have been walking on two legs, not only our ability to walk straight has formed The most commonly done exercise today, But it has also allowed humanity to travel long distances, allowing us to go wherever we want and survive in changing climates, environments, and landscapes.

But walking is not only this, it is also very good for us. Countless scientific studies have shown that this simple act of moving your legs can provide many benefits. Health benefits and helping people live longer. In fact, if a walking routine is done correctly, it may be the only aerobic exercise people need.

Despite walking on two legs for millions of years, before we became bipedal, we walked the same way as other animals walk today, e.g. monkeys, On four limbs. As much as we think today that moving forward would be like going back in time, the truth is that, according to the latest research, doing so would be going back in time. All we need to do is develop overall physical strength And Better mobility. Gorilla Walking is the exercise that confirms this.

what is gorilla tracking

As its name suggests, gorilla walking is an exercise. Imitates the movements of monkeys. With it, we involve practically all the main muscle groups, including the shoulders, which are famous main (the core of the muscles in the middle of the body, responsible for supporting it) and stretches areas of our body that are usually tight.

Since these are unknown activities that we do not perform, this exercise tests us completely. strength, balance and coordination, Which involves moving through multiple levels of motion at the same time. Gorilla Walking, like other patterns and exercises, can enhance our overall health and fitness.

We can do it whenever possible, include it in our daily routine or dedicate a few minutes a day to get all its benefits. It even works very well as a warm-up or dynamic stretching routine It gets our blood flowing while preparing our muscles and joints.

Despite its benefits, this exercise is not for everyone. In such a situation when our body suffers injuries like ankle, knee or hip, it can cause pain or more trauma. In any situation, we must always do it in appropriate quantity And listening to what our joints say.

Benefits of Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Walking is not only capable of losing the kilos that we have in mind by virtue of the process that involves all the muscles and the effort that we have to make, but it is also considered as One of the best exercises for people over 50, Thanks for all its diverse benefits. No matter what our goals or our ability, it can improve our fitness.

  • Improves balance and coordination. By trying a new exercise, shifting weight from the arms to the legs while walking, and working multiple levels of movement, we are promoting and improving our balance and stability. In addition, we need great coordination, because we have to synchronize the upper and lower extremities.

  • Hip mobility develops. We spend a large part of our time sitting, even when we work or want to rest, we cause damage to our hips and their movement, our flexors become shorter, tighter and stiffer. Let’s go. Gorilla walking is perfect for improving them, as it gives you multiple ranges of motion forward and backward, as well as side to side and rotational.

  • strengthens the main, Whenever an exercise requires balance, we are strengthening and treating our core muscles, as they are constantly stabilizing and ensuring that we do not fall.

  • Strengthens the shoulders. If we think of gorillas, we may think of their big arms and shoulders; Walking on all fours gives us a lot of strength in that area. Between the weight on our fists and the force of gravity pulling us down, the shoulders have to handle it all.

  • Flexibility of the wrist improves. As time passes, our wrists become weak and stiff due to the movements we make every day. This exercise exercises them and enables them to move at different levels of motion.

  • burn fat. Although some people may find it easy, to perform this exercise we need the strength to transfer your entire body weight between your upper and lower body.

How to do a gorilla trek

It is possible that the first time we do an exercise it will be complex and we may think that we will never be able to develop the necessary coordination and stability. Therefore, requires perseverance To improve but, above all, to obtain all the benefits.

  1. As shown in the video, we are going to start in a squat position with our feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

  2. Clenching our fists, we will plant them on the ground in front of us, just like a gorilla would plant them. We should try to maintain straight posture and avoid bending.

  3. We will slowly move from side to side, rotating our hands to the left, placing our fists on the ground in front of you. The next step is for our feet to follow us.

  4. We have to continuously try to create momentum and keep moving in the same direction. We can change after a few minutes.

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