The exercise that promises to make your stomach flat in 10 minutes a day: Here’s how to do it

It is well known that many factors must be taken into account to get a flat stomach.

One of them is diet, because fitness experts say that even if you do thousands of sit-ups a week, you will not be able to stay healthy if you eat poorly. Flat stomach.

Physical activity offers more than just making people look better aesthetically, it can also contribute to the better functioning of various organs in the body, Affects relaxation and stress reduction.

One part of the body that bothers people the most is the abdomen, as having large amounts of fat in this area can lead to various health difficulties.

Organs located in this area, such as the stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, among others, may be surrounded by It is fat and brings serious consequences.

Excess fat can also cause this metabolic syndrome, Which can lead to other heart diseases or type 2 diabetes.

Having visceral fat also causes other problems like bloating, digestive problems, Which is very difficult to reduce.

However, it is possible to achieve with patience, proper nutrition and some training tips.

According to the University of Nicosia, there is one exercise that can help you get and maintain a toned stomach, it is High intensity training, known as HIIT.

This training can be done at short intervals of time Every exercise is intense.

Similarly, according to a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, some tests were conducted on 23 participants who had to train normally in the gym, and other tests were conducted on 16 people who were subjected to HIIT. Two days a week and physical activity on the rest of the days.

In both groups it was possible to verify that they managed to reduce body fat, including visceral fat, however, the 16 people who did HIIT training lost more abdominal fat.

The study also said that these people They not only managed to reduce their measurements in the abdomen, but also managed to reduce their fat deposits. Affects internal organs and improves the capacity of your lungs and heart.

Although the sessions are very short, the reason they produce greater results is that this type of exercise activates 80-95% of maximum heart rate, with the body using fat stores to obtain more energy.

HIIT exercises include short sprints with increased altitude, burpees, squats, dumbbell lifts, etc., which your trainer may recommend.

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