The Expendables 4 hits the big screen full of news and surprises for fans of the franchise


Almost ten years after the last movie of the franchise, The Expendables 4 is getting closer and closer to its launch. Once again, it’s time for Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) gather your team to another round of shooting, punching and bombing on movie screens.

Even with several classical actors reunitedyou franchise fans will have to overcome the absence from one of the greatest action actors of all time in The Expendables 4, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor will not be present in this new sequence. On the other hand, the arrival of new actors for the saga it is a reality.


50 Cent, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa and Andy Garcia are the main news for the cast of the new film. The presence of the already known original cast, Jason Statham, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgrenhas also been confirmed by the lionsgate.

In addition to Arnold’s departure, another factor that may displease fans of the saga in The Expendables 4, especially Stallone’s, is his screen time. The actor himself confirmed this in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2022; “Jason Statham is 80% of the movie and I’m in the rest. He was happy with the result”.

the Expendables

The information is a starting point for a possible continuation of the saga after The Expendables 4since many rumors indicate that the participation of sly as an actor in the franchise ends in 2023, reinforcing even more this idea about the thought of Sly Retirement, revealed by him in a recent interview for the American portal IndieWire. Thus, there are high chances of Statham takes over as lead actor inthe saga for the next feature films, in case the saga continues.

Another highlight is the position of director in the new film, which will be in charge of Scott Waughwho directed Need For Speed ​​– The Movie. He will also be the fourth name to direct a film in the franchise. The Expendables.


In previous films in the franchise, each feature was directed by a different name. O first movie from the saga was directed by Stallone himself. In mercenaries 2it was time to Simon Westwho has worked with statham in other movies. In the last film of the franchise so far, The Expendables 3, Patrick Hughes (Duo Explosiva 1 e 2) was the director.

With yet another film in the franchise hitting movie screens around the world, the saga can reach a billion dollars, adding all the films, with the first three together grossing more than 800 million dollars. Now it’s wait for The Expendables 4which is set to hit theaters in September 2023and the complete saga can be found in the catalog of Netflix streaming.

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