The FDDE that marries glory!

Last week the news spread that the Dominican player Juan “Dimitry” Hernández, winner of the rookie of the year award in the Latin American League of League of Legends LLA, would not be part of the Team Aze team in Mexico for the moment. Through a post-match interview with the specialized media Grill News, who was supposed to be the substitute jungler Lucas Espíndola “Froststrike” declared that Dimitry was not going to be fully in the Split, a fact that Dimitry himself confirmed and delimited was due to visa problems.

Juan Dimitry Hernández is the first Dominican player to play in the LLA, the highest circuit of the Latin American League of Legends. He also managed to win the opening split of 2022, playing that final at Gamergy in Argentina. He in turn traveled to South Korea to play the 2022 Mid Season Invitational (MSI).

Given the nature of our country (Dominican Republic) it is not the first time that an electronic athlete has faced visa difficulties, Lenny Almanzar “CrossoverRD” in 2018 could not access the Capcom Cup due to North American visa problems. But it is the first time that we have a Federation.

The Dominican Federation of Electronic Sports FDDE was founded, among many things, to represent the common interests of economic agents, professionals, beginners and of all levels, in the electronic sports sector. Today one of the greatest exponents and a proven figure in esports is not representing the country and God knows when he will.

Each problem is an opportunity to continue growing and this is an ideal moment for the Federation to put its hands on the matter and we manage to leave behind this type of inconvenience for high-performance players, it is time for the Federation to marry glory.

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