The first day always comes with a surprise

LThe first matchday did not fall short, with a first game between Serpes and IVM. The recently promoted came highly motivated and with high expectations, but nothing could be further from reality. They ran into the wall of Serpes, and a team that many placed at the bottom of the table taught MIV what it was like to play in the Radiant League, taking the 3 points home. Some very valuable points if we see the result of the first day and a very positive result for the Galician club, since the end of the year was not the best for them. A good way to start.

It has to be said that MIV was bold putting out Yoru es Ascent, an agent that didn’t make much of an impact.and with Fade and Sova together, something unusual, but something that Molina, the MIV analyst, emphasized in the later program: “We also like to win, but we couldn’t find the good feelings we were having in practice“.

Who did not have a good start is FIVE. The current champion of the Radiant League tied their first game and left 2 points along the way against a promoted TLM. A very solvent first map by the Andorran club, but a disastrous Ascent that throws away everything seen on the previous map.

why? Very easy, a map like Ascent, which is played so much in the Spanish scene, cannot be played so badly and even more so being the current champion of Liga Radiante. Of course, this has only just begun, but the sensations on this map have not been good at all, losing with a result of 13-2.

Another of those damaged by a promotion was Wygers. The Kronn-led team performed well overall, taking the Pearl map 13-6.with a spectacular Blastinho, and with Aku with few chances and with xKyjote demonstrating his experience in Liga Radiante.

On the second map things were much more even, with Aku Aku’s victory by 13-15 in an Overtime. Kronn was also invited to the gathering after the day, in which he highlighted that inferiorities were lost and mistakes were made that are not usual.. Another tie in the league that in my opinion it benefits Team Aku Ak morebut it should be noted that Wygers’ feelings were good.

The last match, the star match of the day, Team Galaga against Melilla Titans. The champion of the stops of the Storm Circuit faced the runner-up of the Radiant League. The sauce was already put in charge by Davopavo, an analyst for Team Galaga and Altopo, Strategic Coach of the Melilla Titans in the pre-game interview, but the truth is that We saw an overwhelming Galaga, very hungry and willing to want to be champion for the first time in its history since the first day.

We had the pleasure of being able to enjoy the first Lotus in competitive With quite different compositions for both teams, Melilla Titans planted its strategy without a duelist, playing Omen as if it were that role, and with a good approach, but Team Galaga knew how to read it and be superior. we could enjoy the return of Apex and Scarx to Liga Radiante and the Krm show with Chamber and operator.

Sixs, commentator for Radiant League later stressed that When a new map comes out, what usually benefits is the attack at the beginning, due to ignorance of the map and because much less coordination is needed than in defense., but this was not given to Melilla Titans at all well. Still they put up a good face, and It must be remembered that they are promoted from the stops of the CT.

In the Fracture you could see more deficiencies of the Melineta when it came to defending. In this aspect Galaga knew how to take advantage of it very well and they could only score 1 round of 9 that were played at the change of sides. Even so, Legionario, the Melilla Titans Coach pointed out, on the post-game show that I ended up satisfied with the team’s feelings despite the defeat.

The second day, which will be played next Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. it will let us see a better level of the teams as they are more rolled, and especially those new faces and future promises of the national VALORANT.

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