The forgotten item for ADC that Riot will improve in patch 13.2

AD Carry’s role went through many different moments throughout 2022. At the beginning of the year, complaints about any rival champion volatilizing these characters were everywhere. However, with the durability patch, marksmen had a sweet few months in which they completely dominated the metagame. Preseason 2023 hit them hard again and they lost that dominance, returning back to the weakest RPG role in the game, something that could change with patch 13.2.

Riot Games intends to improve the potential of these champions. Not only that, but it seems that they are going to apply some other buff to one of the forgotten objects of the title, the essence reaper. This is how he revealed it spideraxe through his Twitter account. As confirmed, it seems that the AD offered by this item will be quite a bit bigger, something that will interest many AD Carries like Lucian either Xayahamong others.

The Essence Reaper will receive buffs in patch 13.2

To justify this buff, the item’s price will also increase. These will be the changes that will apply to the Essence Reaper as revealed by Spideraxe:

  • AD increased from 45 –> 55
  • Cost increased from 2800 –> 2900 gold

For now It is not known how this will affect buff to the metagame. What is clear is that the mentioned Lucian or Xayah, as well as Sivir, they will have a chance to buy this item again. With Essence Reaper, these champions will once again enjoy that much-needed ability speed to be useful and unleash their full potential. Not only that, but gangplank or Rengar they also smile knowing that this item it will be more powerful.

Now we have to wait and see what improvements Riot Games applies to AD Carries and if Essence Reaper can give them that much-needed boost.

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