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One month after its official launch, Hogwarts Legacy, the long-awaited video game in the Harry Potter saga, began to break records and is already the best-selling title on the Steam download platform.

The Warner Bros. game, which will arrive on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC in February, is located in the general ranking behind Apex Legends, Counter Strike and Dota 2, all free download titles that are played without paying.

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Hogwarts Legacy also tops Steam’s most desired list, ahead of Once Piece Odissey, The Day Before, Dead Space and Starfield, which are also coming this year.

The long-awaited magical adventure is one of the video games that aroused the most expectation among fans and gamers. It will be a MMORPGacronyms that in English refer to massively multiplayer online role-playing gamewith the gameplay of titles of open world, but set within the Potter universe.

As for the plot, it will revolve around a rebellion of goblins and an alliance with dark magicians, during the 19th century, before the events that have been seen in the novels written by JK Rowling and in hit movies.

The developers explained that the video game will make use of Unreal Engine graphics enginewhich promises an amazing graphics experience.

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