The ICT Polo starts 2023 with new courses, tournaments and training

The general coordinator of the institution, Carlos Lucero, mentioned to Channel 12 the new strategy that they will use throughout 2023. The opening of the Gamer Academy is expected. During January and February they will launch new training courses in programming and marketing.

For Gustavo Ortega

After finishing its first year with a good acceptance by the gamer community, the Polo TIC returns to the fray with the presentation of new programming courses, professional training and the possible opening of the gamer academywhich was presented at the end of 2022.

From the headquarters of Sillicon Misiones, in the center of the city of Posadas, the general coordinator of the ICT Pole, Carlos Luceromentioned channel 12 the new strategy that they will use throughout 2023.

the gamer academy

According to Lucero, the expected gamer school de Misiones “could come out this year, possibly after the inauguration of a new building in front of Parque del Conocimiento.” The same academy will implement ex-professionals, but plans to work with boys from the age of 14which will be accompanied by both health professionals and their parents.

“The future gamer is in the mobile market”, this 2023 will venture into mobile video games due to the high their inclusion.

This institution will help train young gamers in the province and venture into the creation of a professional E-sports team. Although currently “there are only two professional places, such as Rosario and Buenos Aires”, the creation of the team of experts in the province will be “a bet that we have been doing for more than two years”.

Programming and marketing: the agenda for January and February

Lucero announced that during the first month of the year “what was implemented in 2022” will be reviewed, reinforcing the training of those who have already participated in the ICT Pole. Meanwhile, new programming courses from scratch and video games like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

During February there will be a training workshop for entrepreneurs, which will include marketing, social networks and everything that includes the digital field for the sale of new entrepreneurs.

These courses and training will be available on the organization’s YouTube channel, so that people can attend in a timeless way.

Meanwhile, the new proposals for the ICT Pole will be revealed during March. In this framework, Lucero clarified that a strong point of this new campaign will be the strengthening “of what has already been worked on during 2022.”

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