The investigation into the LATAM plane crash will begin with the contribution of Chilean experts: they will study the black box

Investigation into the crash during the LATAM flight begins: Chilean experts will travel to Auckland and local authorities will study the black box

Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics of Chile (DGAC) confirmed this Tuesday that experts from its portfolio will lead the investigation into the incident that caused strong turbulence this Monday during a LATAM airline flight while it was covering the Sydney-Auckland segment. To do this, a team of professionals from the operations and airworthiness sector will travel to the New Zealand city to begin work.

“This has been coordinated with the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission The relevant investigation will be carried out by the Chilean Aeronautical Authority“, reads a note issued by the DGAC explaining that the decision is based on the fact that the incident occurred in international airspace but on a ship with Chilean registration.

In any case, New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) had earlier reported this Will seize the famous “black box”That is, files of cockpit voice recordings and flight data that provide valuable information about the aircraft’s trajectory and communications between pilots before, during, and after the event in question.

“TAIC is in process Gather evidence related to investigationWhich includes the seizure of voice recorders and flight data from the cockpit,” he commented, while the local civil aviation authority said a formal case on the matter has already been initiated and will cooperate with the investigation in any way necessary.

TAIC began its own investigation of the plane and the airline remained available for any phase of the investigation (AFP)

For its part, LATAM Airlines also indicated that it would help clarify the circumstances that led to this “strong turbulence” during the flight, which caused at least- fifty out of 272 passengers Injured After experiencing a rapid descent into the air.

At present, officials handling the case have not been able to find any explanation for the sudden change in the aircraft, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

According to passengers aboard the service, the plane whose final destination was the capital of Chile lost altitude rapidlye when it flew over the Tasman Sea and pushed onto the roof all those who were not wearing their seat belts.

“When I woke up, the guy who was two seats away from me, with the space between them, was on the ceiling and I thought, ‘I’m dreaming.’ This was not one of those cases where you suffer turbulence and fall over several times… we just fell”commented Brian Adam Jockat, a Canadian citizen traveling to Santiago.

,people were flying from one side to the other And everything was very scary. There was blood on the roof, people were flying and breaking the roof of the plane,” said Valentina, another passenger.

Photographs and video taken from inside the cabin were released, along with witness stories.

One passenger injured after incident on Boeing 787 (Reuters)

As a result of these sudden movements, New Zealand Rescue Services were alerted and over a dozen ambulances and medical vehicles were dispatched to the area to treat those affected. Two people had to be taken to a nearby hospital while the remaining injured suffered neck, head injuries and broken bones.

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