The Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt Romance You Didn’t Know Existed

Beyond the mountains (Wild Mountain Thyme) is a 2020 American film directed and written by John Patrick Shanley. It is a film adaptation of the play Outside Mullingaralso written by Shanley.

The film tells the story of two Irish neighbors who, despite being in love with each other, cannot admit their feelings.


Anthony (Jamie dornan) and Rosemary (emily blunt) are neighbors in a small rural town in Ireland. They spend years cultivating a shy and never confessed love to each other. When Anthony’s father (Christopher Walken) decides to sell the farm to an American nephew (Jon Hamm), Anthony is forced to make a decision about the future of his life and his love.



the cast of Beyond the mountains it’s composed by:

  • Emily Blunt as Rosemary Muldoon
  • Jamie Dornan as Anthony Reilly
  • Christopher Walken as Tony Reilly
  • Jon Hamm as Adam Kelly
  • Dearbhla Molloy as Aoife Muldoon
  • Lydia McGuinness as Fiona Muldoon


  • The play Outside Mullingar, from which the film is adapted, was nominated for a Tony Award in 2014.
  • Jamie Dornan’s Irish accent has been praised by film critics.
  • The film’s theme song is the song “Wild Mountain Thyme”, an Irish folk song.

critical consensus

The film Beyond the mountains received mixed reviews. O rotten tomatoes recorded a 25% approval rating.

The site’s consensus reads: “With the most talented cast money can buy, Over the Mountains is still a complete failure thanks to an insufficient script that emphasizes the weird over the emotional.”


Beyond the mountains is a romantic film that tries to capture the magic of Irish love stories. Despite featuring a talented cast, the script was criticized for its lack of depth and emotion.

The film is a film adaptation of the play Outside Mullingarand while it may appeal to theater fans, it may not satisfy the general public.

However, it is a pleasant film with beautiful landscapes of Ireland, being an interesting option for those looking for a romantic story with a touch of Irish folklore.

Beyond the mountains is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Learn more about the film in our video from YouTube:

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