The last madness of El Rubius that will give a lot to talk about

It’s no secret that Twitch and streaming they have become a fundamental pillar of electronic leisure and entertainment. What’s more, many prefer to watch gameplays and live broadcasts from ElRubius, Auronplay, El Xokas or Ibai rather than play themselves.

In that sense we can also talk about the great events of the streamers. Some examples are the King’s League, the Evening of the Year, the Squid Craft Games or the World Cup of Balloons.

ElRubius is one of the great animators of this type of event. Without going any further, a few weeks ago Squid Craft Games 2 ended, and a Fortnite tournament is currently taking place.


Fortnite – MEGA Trailer

What events are marked in red on Rubius’s agenda? One of them is the premiere of Rubius Next Level, an Amazon Prime docuseries that has been recorded in Japan.

The truth is that Ruben Doblas prepare another big surprise, which is not confirmed for now. Do you remember the mythical E3? Well now imagine what it would be like in the usual Twitch format.

Rubius thinks about a streaming E3

Today E3 is not what it used to be. However, it’s not a bad idea to take your base concept and bring it to the world of streaming. Also, if there is anyone who knows how to organize an event, it is elrubius.

In a recent broadcast, the young streamer talks about an ”E3 for streamers”in which each content creator announces their events and surprises for the coming months, and all of it streamed for free on Twitch.

In the event that the new ElRubius E3 is held this summer, the premiere of Rubius Next Level could be one of the confirmed novelties.

The idea is to unify all the announcements of the great streamers, saving the best cards for this presentation first level. This would help users to better understand possible dates, guests and tournament rules.

At ElRubius E3 there would also be room for other conferences, and active collaborations with the video game industry are even being sought.

Who knows, maybe the announcement of GTA 6 could be part of this type of event, which would give it a much larger global dimension.

This is Kick, the alternative to Twitch that is tempting the big streamers

This streaming E3 is, for now, just an idea. Of course, it is something with a lot of potential, which could spearhead the future of content creators in the next years.

Do you think this E3 for streamers proposed by ElRubius is a good idea? We will have to wait and see how other big streamers react, like Auronplay, Ibai, TheGrefg, El Xokas, IlloJuan, xQc or even Amouranth… but it looks good.

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