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Soon they will start playoffs of the spring season 2023 in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). Although in the Spanish-speaking territory we have many fans of the Korean first division of League of Legends, having an official broadcast of this league is something very complex. For this reason, mfreak decided to take the reins and start cast on his own channel the different confrontations that we live in this LCK.

In a couple of days we will begin to live the best of five of the competition. They will start the March 22 in a KT Rolster against liv SANDBOX. Mfreak himself has already prepared for what is to come and has therefore decided to broadcast these playoffs spring with a team that will make many people’s hair stand on end.

Mfreak assembles a spectacular team for the playoffs of the LCK

As we can see in the image, the team for this broadcast is going to be unique. Something that we won’t see for a long time and that will surely attract a lot of fans to watch the games. Everything will start that Wednesday in which wondergoat and marhoder will come together to bring unique insight into competitive League of Legends. Looking ahead to Thursday we will have two other familiar faces that shine like nobody else in the casting: Jordi LMK and katarsis.

As for the second round, it will start on March 25 with the team of chinagap to the microphones. And the next day, the same Sunday, we will have the members of the spica bar give everything for everything commenting on this LCK. And already facing round 3, we will count on Saturday, April 1 with xixauxas and Shirowhile Sunday will be send0o the special guest

The most surprising thing comes from the fourth round. And it is that from that moment all the parties will be broadcast from the set of the Professional Video Game League (LVP) in collaboration with the company itself. All the playoffs will be broadcast from their own mfreak’s twitch channelwhile the final will be done from the LVP channel.

A tremendous bomb is coming for the next few days. Are you ready to see what is coming in this LCK?

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