The LoL event that only came out in China and that Riot forgot in the rest of the world

chinese lol event

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With the League of Legends patch 13.5Riot Games introduced a new line of skins. Far from it, they launched no new events to League and, of course, no battle pass of any kind. As revealed to us big bad bear, Riot Games forgot to add the free missions of everything related to the new skins. As they comment, from the developer they have apologized and would have confirmed that the next time, that is, with the new event, more missions will be added.

However, there is a region in which they have not forgotten to bring this event to life. Is about Chinaa server in which they have not only added what we already know about Broken Alliance but also they have launched many more things like missions and different types of loot.

The LoL event that Riot Games forgot all over the world except in China

As confirmed, this new event in China has its own battle pass. Everyone will have the opportunity to opt for the gratuitous. Far from it, we also find three different levels of payment in the rest of the passes. Each one of them will offer different gifts, with orbs, chests or essences that may not exist on another level. A priori it is a battle pass with 75 levels in which players find different prizes.

They have also carried out a facelift in terms of loot respects, giving it a completely new look. far from it, the objects that the chests or orbs distribute is also much more exclusivealso including Mythic Essences or Green Chromasthose that can only be obtained through the codes of the LPP. Finally, they have added loot the possibility of getting any skin mythical, including prestigious ones.

Finally, we can see that even the Miss Fortune Prestige Broken Alliance count with one splash art only one that in the rest of the world has not been revealed.

Along with this event, they have launched another. Is about . However, you can also choose to get the odd gift through missions, that is, we simply need to play.

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