The LVP chooses Zaragoza as the venue for the final of the spring season of the Super League

The LVP already hosts the final of the spring season of the Super League. The esports competition manager will arrive in Zaragoza with its main competition, as reported in a statement. The event will be held on April 1 in the multipurpose room of the Zaragoza Auditorium, with a capacity for nearly 2,000 spectators.

This is the first time that the LVP arrives in the Aragonese capital. The final of the spring season of its other main competition, the Valorant league, will be held in Torrevieja. “Zaragoza offers us the best conditions to hold a final. We thank the City Council, not only for their interest in hosting the final, but also for their involvement”, stated Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

In 2022, the Super League closed with 25.8 million viewers (counting the LVP channel and those of the costreamings), 98% more than in 2021, when they had not yet been launched. In addition, it added almost 11 million hours watched, double that of 2021, and reached the highest peak in the history of concurrent viewers for a national competition: the Super League summer final, in which Heretics beat Giants, reached 92,479 simultaneous viewers on the LVP channel.

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