The LVP shoots the number of viewers by 10% in 2022

The LVP breaks records. The Professional Video Game League (LVP), owned by the Mediapro Group, has closed 2022 with a total of 77.3 million viewersincreasing by 10% compared to 2021. The hours watched have also increased, going from 35.8 million hours in 2021 to 45 million hours in 2022, and the simultaneous viewers of the Super League of League of Legendswhich was viewed by more than 92,000 people.

The League of Legends Super League, the most important eSports competition in Spain and a benchmark on a European scale, contributed 25.8 million viewerstaking into account the channel of LVP and those of the costreamings.

In 2022 too the record for simultaneous viewers in a national competition was brokenwith the summer final of the Superliga de League of Legendswhich faced Team Heretics and Giants, and was watched simultaneously by 92,479 people on the LVP channel, which meant an increase of 25% compared to the final of the previous edition.

The highest competition of LOL recovered its face-to-face format in 2022, after a year marked by the pandemic. The spring final, held at the Cartuja Center in Seville, sold out the 2,000 tickets available in less than a week; up to 2,200 spectators attended Ubeat Live Barcelona in July; and in August all the seats for the summer finale, held at the Ifema Municipal Palace, in Madrid, were sold.

Jordi Soler, CEO of the LVP, has admitted that “2022 was a key course for us because we recovered face-to-face events after two years marked by the pandemic, but also because we laid the foundations to continue taking steps forward in 2023”.

during the past course three new competitions started organized by the LVP: Valorant’s Rising MediaMarkt Intel, which exceeded 9.8 million viewers; the Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés, the silver category of League of Legends, which reached 3.4 million viewers; and the Crossfire Cup, the cup that closed the competitive year of Valorant.

League of Legends It has expanded by growing in territories such as Latin America, where the LVP operates the national leagues of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Movistar entered as title sponsor official of the Colombian Golden League, a competition that reached more than 1.7 million cumulative unique viewers in its broadcasts during 2021, 55% more than the previous year.

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