The Mageseeker, the new LoL ARPG, will be released on April 18

just before i was watching the progress that Riot Games launched a few months ago in which multiple projects related to LoL were presented that fall under the name of A League of Legends Story and seeing that they are going to launch one of these MOBA spin-offs every few months I thought: ”damn, they are going to saturate the thing”. But then I remembered how much the Arcane series freaked me out, how much I was interested in the lore of the game after seeing it and how little I like League of Legends and I’ve started to jump for joy.

The accounts come out clear: I prefer buy complete and independent games that offer me different experiences from each other and explain things to me about the LoL characters rather than spend the money getting hooked on the MOBA and buying skins for them. Well then; Today I want to talk to you about the one that is closest to coming out, which is called The Mageseeker.

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story already has a release date

What is The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story about?

The Mageseeker is the new game from the creators of Moonlighter, a rogue like made by the Spanish studio Digital Sun that is a real wonder and the reason why this LoL game calls my attention so much. In essence, this MOBA spin-off is an action RPG in which we will control the character known as Sylas. Next, I leave you with a trailer of the game in case you have not taken a look yet.

What do you think of this new LoL spin-off? Are you going to catch it? I read you in the comments.

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